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Hard Stone Bridge Saw Blades

Choosing Hard Stone Bridge Saw Blades

Working with any of the materials that are classified as "hard stone" requries a bridge saw blade that can meet the challenge. There are a number of materials that are classified as hard stone materials. Some of these materials are natural and others are man made. This page allows you to read about hard stone materials. But if you would rather, you can also browse hard stone blades as well.

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Hard Stone Diamond Bridge Saw Blades

Hard Stone Types

In the realm of stone fabrication there are several types of material that weigh in on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness at the upper end of the scale. In the following paragraphs we will briefly consider some ofthe materials that are considered to be hard and that these diamond bridge saw blades are designed to cut.

Natural Granite

The first hard stone material that we are going to consider is natural granite. This material forms in nature without any help from man. The material comes in a ange of colors and registers at 5 to 6 on the Mohs scale. Being able to cut granite cleanly at a nice rate of speed depends on the quality of the diamond bridge saw blade you are using. Some blades work okay and do a very nice job such as economy bridge saw blades for granite. There is nothing wrong with going that route for some circumstances. However, If you want a bridge saw blade designed for hard stone like granite and other materials, the Grey Leopard feature on this page is the go to blade.

Engineered Quartz

Just because engineered quartz is a man made material deos not mean that it is not a hard stone classified material. In fact, quartz surfaces come in at around 6 on the mohs scale. Engineered quartz is produced using that natural mineral quartz and resins binders that are very hard. For cutting quartz, just like natural granite, you need a diamond bridge saw blade that is made for hard stone. Again, there are different types of blades that can cut engineered quartz slabs. For example if you are working on a CNC saw jet, you may want a diamond blade for CNC saw jets that proves to be a great blade.

Hard Stone Bridge Saw Blades

The truth is, there a specific diamond bridge saw blades designed for various situations. Some of these are made for use in high production fabrication shops and others are made for other environments. Low horse power blades can be found; and the list goes on. But if you want a bridge saw blade that is very effective for hard stone like natural granite and engineered quartz, the Grey Leopard is worth a look.

Grey Leopard Bridge Saw Blades

The Grey Leopard is known as a very good blade for cutting hard stone. Note what was said on the granitediamondblades.com website about the Grey Leopard hard stone blade:

If you are looking for a bridge saw that cuts hard stone... ...fast and clean... ...the Grey Leopard split segment... ...is the choice of many fabricators...

For "hard stone", the Grey Leopard is one of the best options you can find. It has the strength to take on granite and engineered quartz among other hard materials that require certain specs for a blade to handle it.

Reinforced Core Miter Blades

The Grey Leopard is also great for making miter cuts. The reinforced silent core allows this blade to work miter cutting without fatigue. This blade is a great option for machines that are dedicated to making miter cuts throughout the work day.

If you are curious about which blade is the right choice for a fab shop that does many projects using natural granite and/or engineered quartz surfaces, the Grey Leopard is a great option. This blade is made for cutting hard stone.