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Polyester Bonding Adhesives

Polyester Knife Grade & Flowing Adhesives

Polyester bonding adhesives are available for various kinds of applications. You can browse polyester adhesive types, or read about the kinds of polyester bonding glue toward the bottom of this page.

Various Polyester Adhesive Uses

Knife Grade Polyester Adhesives

For some stone applications, you can use a variety of adhesives and can select which one is best suited for the project. But when you are performing certain tasks, polyester glue products work well and are the most practical choice.

We offer polyester adhesives for a variety of uses and applications. Among these are knife grade, flowing, water clear, and filler adhesives.

Flowing Polyester Glue

Flowing polyester adhesives are, like their name implies, easy to dispense. They "flow" rather easily. These glues are nice for horizontal applications where the adhesive is used on a horizontal surface.

Knife Grade Polyester Adhesives

Another type of polyester glue available is knife grade. These glues are thicker and can be spread across surfaces that are in an upright position. Since these adhesives do not run, they are suitable for horizontal, inclined, or vertical surfaces.

Water Clear Polyester Adhesive

Transparent adhesives perform well for certain tasks. Particulary when you need the adhesive to be see thorough and not visible so that the bond is not as noticeable. Transparent polyesters glue is used for a variety of tasks.

Polyester Travertine Filler

Finally, there are adhesives for specific purposes. One example is adhesive used for filling travertine. Travertine is a natural stone that forms in such a way that it has very visible pits (also called voids, holes, pores, and pockets). These holes tend to weaken the stone. The solution is to fill these voids using a filler. The filler can be a complimentary color to the stone or it may be transparent so that the natural beauty is retained.