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Glass & Porcelain Cartridge Glue

Glaxs Porcelain & Glass Cartridge Adhesives

Glaxs porcelain and glass color match cartridge glue is a bi-component bonding adhesive for use on several materials. You can check out Glaxs glass and porcelain colors, or read about the glass and porcelain cartridge glue toward the bottom of this page.

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Ultra Fast White Ultra Fast White

List Price: $20.07
Fast Transparent Fast Transparent

List Price: $38.29
Fast White Fast White

List Price: $38.29
Original Transparent Original Transparent

List Price: $38.29
Antler Antler

List Price: $40.97
Basalt Basalt

List Price: $40.97
Cane Sugar Cane Sugar

List Price: $40.97
Casper Casper

List Price: $40.97
Clean White Clean White

Each color of Glaxs is a versatile adhesive and is color matched to various materials and is compatible with many surfaces.

List Price: $40.97
Emmental Emmental

List Price: $40.97
Foggy Foggy

Glaxs is a versatile adhesive that is compatible with many kinds of surfaces and is color matched to give the best seaming.

List Price: $40.97
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Various Glass & Porcelain Cartridge Adhesives

Ultra Fast Glass & Porcelain Adhesives

Glaxs is a bi-component, ultra fast, high adhesion cartridge glue for bonding glass and porcelain as well as similar materials. The adhesive is formulated in many colors so that it can be matched to various materials produced by an array of manufacturers of several materials.

In addition to transparent, these glass and porcelain surface adhesives come in translucent coloring and opaque coloring to allow them to better blend with the color of the surface on which they are being used.

Seam Shadows

Eliminating shadows around the seems of surfaces that have been bonded can be challenging if you are not able to get your hands on the proper glue for the task. Having a cartridge glue that is designed to match the surface you are bonding is imperative. Glaxs porcelain and glass cartridge glue not only holds, but is also practical to use and is designed for use on these kinds of materials.

Very Polishable 2:1 Cartridges

Pre-dosed cartridge style dispensers mean the mix is right every time. Bonding granite, marble, natural stone, quartz, porcelain, sintered stone, ceramic, and even glass is easy with Glaxs cartridge glue.

Color Matched Cartridges

Glaxs is available in a wide range of colors formulated to match thousands of colors from manufacturers of all sorts of materials. These color matched cartridges mean you get a great match so the seams are hidden and the project is clean and crisp.