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White Rubber Ratchet

White Rubber Ratchet

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Ratchet Seam Setter with White Rubber

The Ratchet Seam Setter with White Rubber is an excellent choice for the installation of countertop seams. The white rubber vacuum cups are effective for use on polished surfaces as well as other (more porous) finishes.

Seam Setter Features

Each white Rubber Seam Setter comes with various features that make this an effective tool for installing stone slabs.

On polished materials, two eight inch white rubber vacuum cups maintain their grip on the surface by holding a vacuum while the glue is setting up. And on more porous materials the same vacuum cups hold well enough that only a pump or two are necessary to provide additional vacuum if it is necessary.

Ring free seam setting and seams that are free of black marks are obtainable on light stone using this seam setter. The 2 levelers allow for effective setting by giving the operator the ability to adjust the seam vertically.

The seam setter's ratchet handle makes pulling the two pieces of stone together quickly. And the micro adjustment dials make tight seams not only achievable but they also produce very tight seams.

Directions for Use

Using the white rubber seam setter is not complicated and it produces clean, effective seams when it used on slabs that have been cleanly cut using the proper diamond blade and with the best adhesive. The directions for getting a tight seam are as follows:

  1. Clean each of the white rubber cups to give the tool the best suction power possible.
  2. Ensure that each of the stone pieces is clean and smooth.
  3. Place the tool on the surfaces of the stone such that each white rubber cup is on one of the stones.
  4. Press the large button on each of the handles repeatedly until the button stops.
  5. Using the vertical adjustment dials, raise and lower the stone pieces by turning the dials.
  6. Pull the lever-style ratchet handle to draw the two stones together.
  7. Adjust the horizontal fine tuning knobs to draw the seam as tight as possible.

At a Glance

  • 2 - 8" White Rubber Non-marking Vacuum Cups
  • 2 - Vertical Leveling Knobs
  • Ratcheting Lever Style Handle
  • 2 - Horizontal Seam-tightening Adjustment Dials
  • Carrying Case

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