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18" Diamond Blades

Choosing 18" Diamond Blades

If your shop runs saws that take 18 inch diamond blades, you know that not all blades will work for every use. You also know that selecting the proper blade for the job is very important. Here, you will see the 18" diamond blades available. You can check out 18 inch blades, or read about the 18" diamond blade uses toward the bottom of this page.

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18" Economy Bridge Saw Blade 18" Economy Bridge Saw Blade

18" bridge saw blade that is a steady running diamond blade for granite, quartz, marble, and even quartzite materials.

List Price: $249.00
18" Dekton Blade 450/60 18" Dekton Blade 450/60

Dekton 18" bridge saw blade for cutting sintered materials including Neolith, Dekton, and other sintered stone materials.

List Price: $351.90
18" Matrix S Bridge Saw Blade 18" Matrix S Bridge Saw Blade

The 18" Matrix S blades are premium diagonal layered diamond blades designed to cut stone surface materials fast, clean and quiet.

List Price: $357.38
18" White Lion Quartzite Blade 18" White Lion Quartzite Blade

18" quartzite blade that is an effective blade for hard stone including quartzite and cuts 3cm quartzite slabs in one pass.

List Price: $376.38
18" Hard Stone Grey Leopard Blade 18" Hard Stone Grey Leopard Blade

18" silent core diamond bridge saw blade is made to remove slurry fast, keeps water between the segments and stone to cut fast.

List Price: $405.00
18" Quartzite Donatoni Blade 18" Quartzite Donatoni Blade

18" quartzite blade that is an effective diamond Donatoni bridge saw blade for hard stone and cuts 3cm quartzite slabs in one pass.

List Price: $439.38

About 18" Diamond Blades

18" Diamond Blade Usage

18 inch diamond blades are used for cutting everything from natural and engineered stone to ceramic and porcelain tiles. No matter what material you are cutting, there is probably an 18" diamond blade made for the task. However, it is important to use the right blade for the material you are cutting. Good tile blades produce a nice, clean cut on the tile and can make a difference in the project. Likewise, using a well made diamond blade on your shop saw also produces a clean, fast cut on natural stone materials.

CNC Sawjet 18" Blade

The 18" Matrix S is a premium diagonal layered diamond blade design to cut fast. This long life bridge saw blade is also compatible with CNC Sawjets. The blade is super quiet and offers continuous layers of diamonds; producing outstand and effective cutting results.

Dekton 18" Blade for Sintered Stone

Looking for a diamond blade that will give you the best cut on Dekton materials? The 18" Dekton diamond blade is engineered for the purpose cutting sintered stone Dekton materials. Dekton, like all sintered materials is extremely hard and requires a diamond blade that can cut hard, brittle, materials. The Tenax Dekton blade does this very well.

Quartzite 18" Blade

Although the 18" White Lion quartzite blade is known for its superior work on natural quartzite, the blade cuts other stone too. However, knowing that your diamond blade is going to be able to handle the hardest natural stone materials like quartzite and some sandstone slabs as well. This 18" quartzite diamond blade is the go to blade for many fabrication shops.

Grey Leopard 18 Inch Blade for Hard Stone

The 18" Grey Leopard diamond blade is designed to cut hard stone materials like granite, quartz, and quartzite. These blades cut hard stone fast and produce clean cuts.

18" diameter diamond blades are just one size of blade that is necessary for a productive fab shop, make sure you have the right equipment and blades for every task.