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Diamond Turbo Blades for Stone

Choosing Turbo Blades

Diamond turbo blades for cutting stone come in various types depending on the materials you work with. SOme materials are very hard and others are not. Choosing the right kind of blade, makes a difference in the results. Select a blade category type, or read about the different turbo blade types toward the bottom of this page.

About Diamond Turbo Blade Types

Sintered Material Turbo Blades

Sintered materials are fascinating. Some sintered materials, like ceramic and porcelain have been around for many years. Others like sintered stone are newer. These materials are extremely hard and can be perceived as "brittle" when the correct protocol for working them is not followed or improper blades are used during the fabrication process. Choosing a turbo blade designed for working with sintered materials alleviates potential pitfalls during the process.

Granite Turbo Blades

Granite turbo blades come in many variations and with multiple objectives. Therefore, selecting a granite turbo blade may require a bit of forethought depending on what materials you will work with and what your budget is.

Many granite turbo blades also work on quartz and engineered stone materials as well. Furthermore, it is possible to find a granite turbo blade that even works on softer stones like marbles too. Looking through the granite turbo blade selections will help you decide what "granite" blades are best for your shop.

Quartzite Turbo Blades

Quartzite is a very had natural stone that can do a number on diamond tooling that is not made to cut it properly. Quartzite turbo blades are made specifically for cutting quartzite. Much like the granite turbo blades mentioned above, though, quartzite turbo blades will effectively cut engineered stone and quartz as well. So if you are a shop that works granite and you are incorporating quartzite into your material selection, this may be the area for you to check out.