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Long Life Bridge Saw Blades

Choosing Long Life Bridge Saw Blades

Selecting a long life blade for use on various materials takes research, experience or both. This page allows you to read about what affects a blade's life. But if you would rather, you can also browse long life blades as well.

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Long Life Diamond Bridge Saw Blades

Life of a Diamond Blade

There are many factors that affect the life span of a diamond bridge saw blade. Ignoring requirements that are necessary for getting the most out of a blade will inevitably cause issues. On the other hand, considering as many factors as possible when choosing a diamond blade, will result in the blade living a long life. Let's look at some factors that have an impact on a blade's life.

Matching the Blade to the Machine

One of the first things we want to mention regarding a diamond blade's life span is matching the blade to the equipment. Not all machines are the same. There are all kinds of saws and each one has specs that make it unique. For example if you have a particular low hp saw, you will want a low horsepower diamond blade to use on it. Choosing a blade that is not designed for the machine will have an impact on the life of the bridge saw blade.

Blade Rotation Speed

The blade rotation speed is another factor that affects the life of a diamond blade. A blade rotating at a faster speed wears the balde faster. Thus, shortening the life of the blade. That's one reason why there are various bridge saw blades available. These Cougar bridge saw blades are designed for saws with over 10 Horsepower. The Cougar long life bridge saw blade has 25mm segments that are packed with diamonds. This feature means you need to use a saw with higher Hp for the proper cut to be achieved.

Cutting Depth

Depth of cut can impact the life of a diamond bridge saw blade too. Making cuts at higher depths puts more resistance on the blade and the stone. The friction not only heats up the blade and the stone, but it also causes the bond and the diamonds to wear differently. As you may already know, how the stone and the blade interact affects the life of the blade and the cutting performance.

Feed Speed

The rate at which the blade moves across the the stone also affects the effectiveness with which the blade cuts. Again, feeding the blade too quickly not only reduces the blade's performance, but it also cna heighten the friction. And as we mentioned earlier, this "stresses" the the cut, the blade and the material.