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8" Diamond Blades

Choosing 8" Diamond Blades

If you cut tile regularly, you know how important it is to use to proper blade for the job. You can check out 8 inch blades, or read about the 8" diamond blade uses toward the bottom of this page.

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8" Continuous Rim Blade 8" Continuous Rim Blade

8 inch continuous rim diamond blade with 1" arbor designed for cutting hard materials like stone & glass clean and fast.

List Price: $43.03
8" Copper Core Blade 8" Copper Core Blade

8" copper diamond blade with a continuous rim and heat dissapating core designed to cut various materials like glass and tile.

List Price: $46.87

About 8" Diamond Blades

8" Diamond Blade Usage

8 inch diamond blades are used for cutting ceramic and porcelain tiles. Having a good wet tile saw is important but so is putting the right blade on it. Good tile blades produce a nice, clean cut on the tile and can make a difference in the project.

Copper Core 8" Tile Blade

One of the big challenges to cutting a hard material like porcelain or ceramic tile is the heat that can build up in the blade's core. The 8" copper tile blade is made to draw the heat away from the rim and toward the center of the blade. Since copper is such a good conductor of heat, it is very effective for this. The copper allows the heat that is generated by the friction of the blade against the stone to move away from the outside edge.

8" Continuous Rim Stone & Glass Blade

High diamond concentration is a big plus when you are selecting an 8" continuous rim blade for cutting natural stone and glass. Continuous rim blades are known for producing chip free, fast cuts.