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10" Diamond Blades

Choosing 10" Diamond Blades

If you cut tile regularly, you know how important it is to use to proper blade for the job. You can check out 10 inch blades, or read about the 10" diamond blade uses toward the bottom of this page.

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10" Continuous Rim Blade 10" Continuous Rim Blade

10" continuous rim diamond blade with 1 inch arbor designed for cutting hard materials like porcelain ceramics clean and fast.

List Price: $61.40
10" Copper Core Blade 10" Copper Core Blade

10" copper heat dissapating core diamond blade with a continuous rim designed to cut a variety of materials like ceramic tile.

List Price: $80.77
10" ST Side Cut Miter Blade 10" ST Side Cut Miter Blade

10 inch side cut diamond blade with side diamonds that enhance the effectiveness of the cut by smoothing the edges of the stone.

List Price: $88.79
10" (250mm) Rodding Blade 10" (250mm) Rodding Blade

10" diamond blade for cutting channels in stone during the strengthening process using steel, carbon fiber, or fiberglass rodding.

List Price: $229.50

About 10" Diamond Blades

10" Diamond Blade Usage

10 inch diamond blades are used for cutting everything from natural and engineered stone to ceramic and porcelain tiles. Having a good wet tile saw for cutting tiles or a good bridge saw for cutting stone is important. However, it is also important to use the right blade on whatever material you are cutting. Good tile blades produce a nice, clean cut on the tile and can make a difference in the project. Likewise, using a well made diamond blade on your bridge saw also produces a clean and fast cut.

Copper Core 10" Blade

One of the big challenges to cutting a hard material like porcelain, natural stone or ceramic tile is the heat that can build up in the blade's core. The 10" copper diamond blade is made to draw the heat away from the rim and toward the center of the blade. Since copper conducts heat so well, it is very effective for this. The copper body allows the heat that is generated by the friction of the blade against the stone to move away from the outside edge.

10 Inch Side Cut Miter Blade

If you are looking for a quality blade to run on your miter cutting saw, a miter blade is good for the task. However, a side cut miter blade is even better. The side diamonds actually smooth the edges of the cut as it works. If you are searching for a high quality excellent performing diamond blade for use on your miter saw, chop saw, or compound miter saw, one fo the side cut blades is your target.

10" Continuous Rim Stone & Glass Blade

High diamond concentration is a big plus when you are selecting an 10" continuous rim blade for cutting natural stone and glass. Continuous rim blades are known for producing chip free, fast cuts.

Rodding 10" Blade

Reinforcing natural stone slabs is a key to preventing the stone from breaking. When a sink is cut out of a stone slab, the narrow strip that winds up on the front of the slab next to the sink can be weak. For this use (and others as well), rodding is installed in the stone to reinforce the material. 10" rodding blades can be used to cut the channels.

10" diameter diamond blades are just one size fo blade that is necessary for a productive fab shop, make sure you ahve the right equipment and blades for every task.