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Granite Diamond Turbo Blades

Granite Turbo Blades

Diamond turbo blades for cutting granite and other hard materials come in all types, depending on what your use preferences are. Select a category below, or read our summaries of granite turbo blade types located toward the bottom of this page.

Summaries of Granite Turbo Blade Types

Types of Granite Turbo Blades

Granite turbo blades are designed with a variety of goals in mind. Everything from speed to low price are the objectives toward which turbo blades are engineered. Additionally, some, if not all, of the "granite" turbo blades are compatible with other materials too. Some of the main types of "granite" turbo blades are mentioned here.

Economy Turbo Blades

Cost effective does not necessarily mean "cheap". If you are looking for a turbo blade that does not have a large ticket price and yet performs well, the Red Cat granite turbo blades are a great place to begin. These "granite" turbo blades are compatible with engineered quartz too. THese blades cut fast and clean and are useful for wet and dry cutting.

Multi-purpose Turbo Blades

If your objective is to find a "granite" trubo blade that is useful for a variety of materials, the Puma turbo blades are your target. These are multi-purpose turbo blaes in the sense that they are effective on not only granite. Puma turbo blades can be used to effectively work many materials.

If you are looking for a good "all around" turbo blade that allows for working a mixture of materials, the Puma is the option to check out.

Premium Quad Turbo Blades

If your goal is to cut only hard stone and nothing else using a turbo blade, The Blitz offers a solution. This premium quad turbo blade excels in performance. If you are wanting a blade that performs and offers a long life, the Blitz turbo blade is the choice. If you want premium quality, the Blitz has it.

Side Cutting Ultra Premium Quad Turbo Blades

If the number one priority is performance and you are looking for an aggressive turbo blade, these sidecut quads are the one to go after. The Sidecut Quad turbo blades are extremely aggressive yet, they leave a very smooth edge. The side diamonds work to leave a smooth edge as these ultra premium blades work their way through the stone.