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5 Inch Diamond Blades

Choosing 5 Inch Blades

When selecting a 5 inch diamond blade, it is important to choose the right blade for the task. Depending on what job you are performing there may be a 5" blade made for doing that job. You can browse specific 5" blades, or read about the different uses 5" blades toward the bottom of this page.

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5" Economy Turbo Blade 5" Economy Turbo Blade

Economical 5" turbo blade for high production fabrication shops working antural granite, engineered quartz, and quartzite.

List Price: $19.00
5" Ultradunn Thin Kerf Blade 5" Ultradunn Thin Kerf Blade

5 inch porcelain blade with a mesh design and a thin kerf that is made for cutting porcelain and ceramic material cleanly.

List Price: $22.25
5" Puma Turbo Blade 5" Puma Turbo Blade

Turbo style rim 5" diamond blade with air holes to reduce frictionally generated heat and holes for quad adapters.

List Price: $24.20
5" Premium Quad Turbo Blade 5" Premium Quad Turbo Blade

5" premium quad turbo blade excels in performance, has long life, and is designed to cut only hard stone and nothing else.

List Price: $25.15
5" Quartzite Turbo Blade 5" Quartzite Turbo Blade

5" quartzite diamond turbo blade designed to cut natural quartzite cleanly, quickly, and effectively in the fab shop.

List Price: $34.60
5" Ceramica Mesh Blade 5" Ceramica Mesh Blade

Thin kerf 5 inch ceramica blade with a mesh design that is made for cutting ceramic tile & porcelain cleanly.

List Price: $35.40
5" Side Cut Quad Turbo Blade 5" Side Cut Quad Turbo Blade

5" turbo blade with the side cutting feature that allows the blade to smooth the edge of the material as it cuts using side diamonds.

List Price: $37.58
5" Vac Brazed "Marble" Blade 5" Vac Brazed "Marble" Blade

Vacuum brazed 5" blade for calcareous materials rich in calcium carbonate like limestone, travertine, onyx, and marble stone.

List Price: $45.90
5" Turbo Rodding Blade 5" Turbo Rodding Blade

5 inch turbo rodding blade designed to cut rodding channels in which to insert support rodding in natural stone slabs.

List Price: $53.04
5" Duo Diamond blade 5" Duo Diamond blade

Double sided 5" blade used for sculpting calcareous materials like marble, travertine, limestone, and onyx natural stone.

List Price: $58.85
5" Turbo 316 Rodding Blade 5" Turbo 316 Rodding Blade

5 inch diamond granite rodding blade that cuts 3⁄16" slots for rodding strips used to strengthen countertop surface cutouts.

List Price: $59.90
5" Contour Marble Blade 5" Contour Marble Blade

5" diamond blades with a concave/convex shape designed for shaping and bowl cutting along a circular edge of marble surfaces.

List Price: $72.00
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A Variety of 5" Blades

5" Blades for Various Uses

In the construction and stone industries there are a number of tasks performed using what could be deemed as small diamond blades. These blade are designed for the tasks they perform. Let's look at some of those tasks here.

5 Inch Side Cut Blades

Side cut quad blades are designed to efficiently cut stone materials and at the same time smooth the edges left by the cut. These 5" diamond blades have diamonds that travel down the sides of the blade. This makes these blades also capable of making turns in the stone while cutting.

5" Rodding Blades

During the installation of certain natural stone coutnertops it is important to support narrow strips of stone that are adjacent to holes that have been cut out of the material. This support is added by cutting channels in the under side of the surface. 5 inch rodding blades are used to cut these channels. After the channels are cut, strips of steel, carbon fiber, or fiberglass material called rodding is inserted into the channel that was cut by the rodding blade.

5" Contour Blades

5" contour blades are diamond or vacuum brazed blades that are made for smoothing curved area of the material being worked. Contour blades, as their name suggests, have the distinctive convex/concave shape that allowsfor working around edges that feature curvature.

5" Turbo Blades

5" diamond turbo blades are one of the blade types used on angle grinders. Angle grinders are such verstile tools that they are used for a variety tasks. In the stone industry angle grinders are used for cutting, smoothing, and shaping stone slabs. When a 5 inch diamond turbo blade is used in conjunction with the tool for cutting, the work is easier than it is with other tools.

5" Tile Blades

Cutting ceramic and porcelain tiles is a common task in construction. All sorts of equipment is used for this job. However, there are times when a professional needs to get into a tight space or a specific area. In these cases a tools with a 5" tile blade is the go to tool. The small size makes it easier for the pro running the equipment to get the job done.

5" Multi Blades

If you are the kind of person that likes having one tool that can do multiple things, then these types of 5" diamond blades are the ones for you to check out. Multi blades are designed for use as several types of blades. Having at least one of these tools on hand is a good idea. It can serve as a back up for mutiple specialty tools.