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Low Horsepower Bridge Saw Blades

Choosing Low Horsepower Bridge Saw Blades

If you are looking for a diamond blade designed for use in rail saws, track saws, and tile saws, this is the right place. This page allows you to read about specialty saws with low horsepower. But if you would rather, you can also browse low horsepower blades as well.

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Part#  7615 Weha Low Horsepower 14" Diamond Rail Saw Blade Low HP Weha 14" Low Horsepower Blade

14" Low HP bridge saw blades are designed for rail saws that cut grnaite and other natural stone or engineered stone materials.

List Price: $193.80

Low Horsepower Diamond Bridge Saw Blades

Saws With Low Horsepower

Stone fabrication requires specific equipment. One major piece of equipment that stone fabricators use is the saw. Just like everything else, there is a wide range of saw types. And for many of these types of saws, there are blades. For example, using a CNC Sawjet would mean that you might want to shop CNC Sawjet blades. Or if your equipment had horsepower of more than 10, you would most likely be searching for our long life bridge saw blades for 10+ hp saws. However there are other kinds of specialty saws that are classified as low horsepower saws. These saws use blades that are "bridge saw" blades, but these saws aren't bridge saws.

Rail Saws (Track Saws)

Rail saws are a piece of equipment that is used in stone fabrication. Low horsepower bridge saw blades are designed for rail saws that cut granite and other natural stone or engineered stone materials. One of the stone tools that this blade is compatible with is the Blue Ripper rail saw. In fact, it is regarded by some to be the "best" diamond blade for the Blue Ripper. This blade is listed as a 14" blade. However the exact measurement of the diameter is 13 7/8" to allow for the needed room to work in the Blue Ripper.

Another excellent fit for this blade is the Achilli TSA 3 HP portable track saw. The Achilli TSA track saw is a cost effective way to cut large slabs. And the saw is portable so it can be "ported" to specific locations and run on the slab there. These low horsepower diamond bridge saw blades work extremely well on is rail saw and others as well.