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Quartzite Diamond Turbo Blades

Choosing Quartzite Turbo Blades

Diamond turbo blades for quartzite must be able to rip through very hard natrual stone cleanly. Natural quartzite is very hard. Choosing the right kind of turbo blade makes a difference in the results achieved when working with quartzite. You can check out quartzite turbo blades, or read about the reasons why specific blades are needed toward the bottom of this page.

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5" Quartzite Turbo Blade 5" Quartzite Turbo Blade

5" quartzite diamond turbo blade designed to cut natural quartzite cleanly, quickly, and effectively in the fab shop.

List Price: $34.60
6" Quartzite Turbo Blade 6" Quartzite Turbo Blade

6" quartzite diamond turbo blade designed to effectively cut natural quartzite cleanly and quickly during fabrication.

List Price: $42.50

Quartzite Turbo Blades

Turbo Blades for Quartzite

Turbo blades are not all the same. They are priced differently from one another. They also have particlular features that set each one apart from others. So what qualities does a turbo blade need to have in order to be effective for cutting natural quartzite?

Quartzite turbo blades have to be able to cut very hard material. Natural quartzite is about a 7 on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness. That is harder than both natural granite and engineered quartz. selecting a diamond trubo blade designed to cut quartzite means getting a blade that cuts hard surfaces.

White Lion and Quartzite

The name "white lion" has come to be heavily associated with quartzite stone. White Lion diamond tools have established a reputation for carving up natural quartzite in many different ways. One notable group of tooling is the bridge saw blades. Now though, White Lion dimaond turbo blades are available as well.