Bonding Adhesives

Bonding Adhesives

Adhesives for producing an effective bond on natural and engineered surfaces is important and you can browse a number of adhesives we offer including polyesters, epoxies, and vinyl ester products.

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Diamond Stone Blades

Diamond Blades for Stone

Blades are an important part of working with natural and engineered stone and we have many type of diamond blades including granite blades, diamond blades for natural stone, calcareous blades and more.

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Wet and Dry Diamond Polishing Pads

Polishing Pads

Working natural and engineered stone means making the surface have a desired finish and polished surfaces are one of the popular ones. Wet polishing pads, dry polishing pads in 3, 5, and 7 step are some of what we offer.

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Natural and Engineered Stone Sealers

Stone Sealers

Stone sealer is an important part of natural stone care and maintenance and we have a variety of stone sealers for many types of stone surfaces that require such treatment, whether indoor or outdoor with various porosity.

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Transport Carts and Material Handling

Material Handling

A-frames, slab storage racks, transport carts and other equipment needed to move slabs from one place to another or to store stone in a warehouse for later use, we have nice selection of material handling equipment.

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5" Contour Marble Blade 5" Contour Marble Blade

5" diamond blades with a concave/convex shape designed for shaping and bowl cutting along a circular edge of marble surfaces.

List Price: $72.00
14" x 1 1/2" Bridge Saw Milling wheel 14" x 1 1/2" Bridge Saw Milling wheel

14" milling wheel that uses your machine to level out the surface of the stone slab that you are using fro hard surfaces.

List Price: $875.00
Blitz 1 3/8" Dry Core bit Blitz 1 3/8" Dry Core bit

Core bit capable of drilling holes in 3cm slabs in less than 30 seconds with diamonds on both inside and outside of the barrel.

List Price: $67.51
5" Ultradunn Thin Kerf Blade 5" Ultradunn Thin Kerf Blade

5 inch porcelain blade with a mesh design and a thin kerf that is made for cutting porcelain and ceramic material cleanly.

List Price: $22.25
Radial Arm Finger Tip Radial Arm Finger Tip

List Price: $50.95
14" Economy Bridge Saw Blade 14" Economy Bridge Saw Blade

14" bridge saw blade that is a steady running diamond blade for granite, quartz, marble, and even quartzite materials.

List Price: $215.00
18" Hard Stone Grey Leopard Blade 18" Hard Stone Grey Leopard Blade

18" silent core diamond bridge saw blade is made to remove slurry fast, keeps water between the segments and stone to cut fast.

List Price: $405.00
Suction Cup Assembly Suction Cup Assembly

Protects your granite, marble, and stone kitchen and bathroom counter tops in transport, reducing the chance of breaking the top.

List Price: $863.83