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Tepox Q Giallo R 250 ML

Tepox Q Giallo R 250 ML

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Product Code: 1H364GIAR


Tepox Q Giallo R 250 ML Indoor and Outdoor Stone Color

250 ML Tepox Q is a special chemical color liquid used to for a variety of tasks when working with stone surfaces. For example, some stone has been resined with color additives. In these cases Tepox Q Giallo R is used to color match the stone.

Stone Color Alteration With Giallo R Tepox Q

In addition to color matching stone that has been resined with color additives, Tepox Q Giallo R in the 250 ML container is useful for enhancing stone slabs or altering a slab's look for a specific application.

How to Use Tepox Q Giallo R

Use Tepox Q Giallo R by itself or mix it with other colors to acheive the color you want. Additionally, Giallo R Tepox Q is designed to be used in conjunction with other products from Tenax like Ager or Ager Tiger.

It is also recommended to follow up with a premium grade sealer such as professional grade sealer or a a sealer for smooth stone.

Use Indoor and Outdoor

Not every product is designed for every use. Likewise each product is formulated for a specific environment. Tepox Q Giallo R 250 ML is designed specifically for Indoor and Outdoor use.

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