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Stone Cleaners

Choosing Stone Cleaners

There are a variety of hard surface stone materials in the stone industry and they are referred to by various names. You can check out stone cleaners, or read about the different stone cleaners toward the bottom of this page.

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Booster Porcelain Ceramic Cleaner Booster Porcelain Ceramic Cleaner

Cleaning detergent for use on porcelain, ceramic, and other sintered materials that removes a number of substances.

List Price: $10.31
Lustro Stone Cleaner 32 fl oz Lustro Stone Cleaner 32 fl oz

Natural stone cleaner formulated to use for daily cleaning of natural stone countertops without harming the sealer.

List Price: $14.00
Lustro Italiano Stone Polish 11 fl oz Lustro Italiano Stone Polish 11 fl oz

natural stone polish formulated to enhance the color of the natural stone and apply sealer as it is used periodically.

List Price: $16.00
Quartz Cleaner & Limescale Remover Quartz Cleaner & Limescale Remover

Engineered quartz cleaning product designed to remove mineral deposits such as limescale from engineered stone surfaces.

List Price: $19.09
Natural Stone Care Kit Natural Stone Care Kit

Stone cleaning and polishing kit that comes with products formulated to not only clean but also polish natural stone surfaces.

List Price: $30.00
1 Liter Ager Remover 1 Liter Ager Remover

Ager remover is a product that "cleans" in a very specific manner. Namely, by taking off (or removing) Ager that has been applied.

List Price: $38.69

Cleaners for Natural, Engineered & Sintered Stone

Natural Stone Cleaner

Among the ranks of natural stone there are a number of materials. Some Natural stone materials include:

All of these natural stone materials have one thing in common; they are porous and susceptible to stains that can be delivered to their pores through absorption. Because of this, natural stone is periodically sealed using an impregnating sealer to help the material repel water and oil based stain causing liquids.

In order to retain the benefits of the sealers that are applied to the stone surface, Specially formulated cleaner for natural stone should be used. This area includes stone cleaner for natural stone.

Engineered Stone Cleaner

In addition to natural stone, like the ones mentioned above, there are also man made materials that are viewed by many in the stone industry to be a stone material. The main one of these is engineered stone, or quartz. These products are called engineered stone, engineered quartz, or just simply "quartz". This is because these materials are made using a high quantity of the natural mineral quartz.

Other ingredients in engineered stone cause the resulting product to be non-porous. Thus, quartz surfaces do not have the issue mentioned earlier. Namely, absorption. Engineered stone does not absorb liquid and therefore does not stain inside the pores. Because of this, no selaers are needed for engineered stone materials. However, they do have cleaning needs.

Surface Stains

Engineered stone does however, need to be cleaned. And, using a cleaner formulated for quartz will yield the best results. Additionally, liquids that remain on the surface and do not get absorbed, evaporate and leave behind mineral deposit like lime or other minerals. These bind to the surface and can be difficult to remove. Using a limescale remover that is acidic dissolves the minerals and cleans the surface.

Sintered Stone Cleaner

Sintered Stone is the final kind of material that we will discuss clenaers for. Sintered stone is similar to engineered stone in that it too is non-porous. However, sitnered stone is able to be cleaned with a variety of clenaers. So, natural stone cleaner and engineered stone cleaner can be used on sintered stone. And there are times when oil based substances will stain a sintered stone material. For these stains, an alkaline detergent will work the best.

Whether your are cleaning natural stone, engineered stone, or sintered stone, there is a cleaning product designed for the task. You will find all of the proper clenaers for stone surfaces in this area.