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DEKTON® Approved Color Match Cartridge Glue

DEKTON® Color Match Cartridge Adhesives

Cartridge glue that is color matched to the DEKTON® surfaces for the best possible finish; both indoors and out.

Indoor & Outdoor Use

Mastidek is the official adhesive for Cosentino DEKTON® surfaces. Color matched for coordination, UV stable for zero yellowing, and designed for indoor and outdoor use.

If you are working with DEKTON® surfaces, you will need a cartridge glue that can hold up to the environments in which the material will stay. You can check out Mastidek colors, or read about the Mastidek cartridge glue toward the bottom of this page.

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Vegha 215 ML Dekton Glue Cartridge Vegha 215 ML Dekton Glue Cartridge

Super strong adhesion, indoor/outdoor cartridge glue for DEKTON surfaces in the color Vegha and 215 ML size.

List Price: $40.97

Various Mastidek Cartridge Adhesives

Bi-component Dekton Adhesives

Mastidek is a bi-component adhesive designed specifically for DEKTON® surfaces. The high quality of Mastidek glue is formulated for use in several applications; both indoors and outdoors. Mastidek is designed to mirror the needs of the material.

DEKTON® Characteristics

DEKTON® surfaces are used in applications that require a number of qualities. And if you are going to bond panels of this material, you will need a glue that can be used everywhere the material can be. That is what Mastidek is. It is a cartridge glue that matches the colors of DEKTON®

Color Matched Cartridges

In addition to an array of colors and compatibility with virtually all environments, Mastidek is an adhesive that is dispensed by means of pre-dosed glue cartridges. The indoor, outdoor, adhesive designed to match the color of DEKTON® slabs.

Color matching is not the only aspect of Mastidek that make it a perfect choice for DEKTON® surfaces. It is also made for indoor and outdoor uses including:

  • Countertops
  • Outdoor Kitchens
  • Fireplaces
  • Siding
  • Facades
  • Flooring

With such a diverse set of uses, the glue used to work in those projects must be well-suited for multiple environments. Thus, Mastidek offers the following characteristics:

  • Indoor & Outdoor Uses
  • Super Strong Bond
  • UV Safe
  • Zero Yellowing
  • No Seam Shadows
  • Post Hardening Temps -13°F - 140°

Mastidek is a cartridge glue that is made specifically for use on DEKTON® panels.