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Polyester Flowing Adhesives

Polyester Flowing Colored & Transparent Adhesives

Flowing polyester adhesives for horizontally repairing and bonding natural stone surfaces and engineered materials. These adhesives are available in both colored and transparent variations. You can browse polyester flowing adhesives, or read about the appearances of polyester flowing glue toward the bottom of this page.

Various Flowing Polyester Adhesive Uses

About Flowing Polyester Adhesive Appearance

Flowing polyester adhesives in various appearances are a practical solution when there is a need for horizontal applications. The viscosity is such that these adhesives flow easily. Additional there are uses for flowing polyester glue that is see through and there are uses for opaque polyester bonding adhesives.

Colored polyester glues are available on our site as well as a range of sizing options for transparent flowing polyester adhesives.