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Multi-purpose Diamond Turbo Blades

Choosing Multi-material Turbo Blades

To find a multi-purpose diamond turbo blade, you have to find a blade that is effective at cutting hard materials. But it also has to work well on other materials too. Puma blades are effective multi-material diamond blades. You can check out specific Puma multi-purpose blade sizes, or read about the reasons why these blades are effective toward the bottom of this page.

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4.5" Puma Turbo Blade 4.5" Puma Turbo Blade

Turbo style rim 4.5" diamond blade with air holes to reduce frictionally generated heat and holes for quad adapters.

List Price: $22.10
5" Puma Turbo Blade 5" Puma Turbo Blade

Turbo style rim 5" diamond blade with air holes to reduce frictionally generated heat and holes for quad adapters.

List Price: $24.20

Multi-purpose Turbo Blades

Turbo Blades That Are Multi-purpose

Working with multiple materials in one shop can be very challenging if you have a limited amount of machines and/or workers. But if you select the right tools, you are able to increase productivity and work efficiently so as to get the most out of what is there. Multi-purpose diamond blades play a role in that workflow.

Blades for Use On Multiple Materials

As you may already know, there are specific diamond blades designed for use on granite. There are also blades made specifically for marble. Quartz has blades egineered for working it, and so on and so forth. It might be tempting to go out and buy a blade for each type of material and then have a machine with each blade on it running. For huge shops this might make sense.

But if the shop is small and work various materials, there might be a more effective way. Especially if there is a blade that works well on sevral materials. That blade is the Puma multi-material diamond blade. This blade works very well on the following materials:

  • Granite
  • Quartz
  • Marble
  • Engineered Stone

As you might have concluded already. The Puma multi-purpose trubo blades will not rank as the best blade for any of those materials specifically. However, it does a nice job on all of them with a good price. So the price to performance comparison is what to keep in mind when it comes to this turbo blade.