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Ager Stone Enhancing Sealer

Choosing Stone Sealers

While there are a variety of stone sealers available, Ager is an enhancing sealer that creates a "wet look" on the stone to which it is applied. Ager enhancing sealer is available in a variety of container sizes. Check out the ager container sizes Select a sealer category, or read about the different ager container sizes toward the bottom of this page.

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Ager 250 ML Ager 250 ML

Color enhancer and impregnating sealer for use on natural stone material surfaces for deeper, darker, color and stain resistance.

List Price: $22.06
1 Liter Ager Remover 1 Liter Ager Remover

Ager remover is a product that "cleans" in a very specific manner. Namely, by taking off (or removing) Ager that has been applied.

List Price: $38.69
Ager 1 Quart Ager 1 Quart

1 quart container of stone sealer that also acts as a color enhancer for use on natural stone surfaces like granite and marble.

List Price: $70.95
Ager 5 Liter Ager 5 Liter

5 Liter container of natural stone color enhancer and sealant designed to treat natural stone like quartzite, sandstone and onyx.

List Price: $330.95
Ager 55 LT Keg Ager 55 LT Keg

55 Liter keg of stone color enhancer & sealer for stone surfaces like sandstone, limestone, travertine, and other stone.

List Price: $3,277.35

About Ager Enhancing Sealers

Ager Stone Enhancers

Natural stone materials at times may need to to have the color enhanced. And, virtually all natural stone (with a couple of exceptions) requires sealing at some point. There are a variety of sealers that perform well and do not change the stone's appearance. Some of these include the following:

Additionally, there are stone dyes that alter the color of the stone in one way or another and that is all they do. Ager though, is a product that performs both of these tasks. And it accomplishes each of them very well.

Ager is the original stone sealing color enhancer. Or, if you prefer, it is the original color enhancing stone sealer. No matter how you choose to say it, it does two things; 1) it is an impregnating stone sealer and 2) it enhances the sotne's natural colors.

Ager color enhancing natural stone sealer comes in a formula that is especially designed for use on exotic stone. These kinds of natural stone truly benefit from the use of Ager Tiger, a color enhancing sealer for exotic natural stone.

Color Enhancing Sealer Quantities

Depending on the size of the project, and/or the number of surfaces you need to treat, Ager is available in different qualtities. This page offers a selection of sizing options that are available to you.

As we have already mentioned, different tasks will call for different products. In the even that you are seeking a product that both deepens the color and applies an impregnating selaer to help the stone resist oil-based and water-based stian causing liquids, you cannot get a better performing product that does both.