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Anti Graffiti Stone Sealer

Choosing Ant-graffiti Stone Sealer

There are a variety of hard surface stone materials in the stone industry and they are susceptible to graffiti. You can check out anti-graffiti stone sealers, or read about the importance of anti-graffiti sealers for stone toward the bottom of this page.

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Glydex Water Based Sealer 1 Liter Glydex Water Based Sealer 1 Liter

Glydex water based anti-graffiti stone sealer for natural stone such as granite, marble, quartzite, limestone and other stones like these.

List Price: $45.20

Importance of Anti-graffiti Stone Sealer

Anti-graffiti Stone Sealer

It is rather easy to see that graffiti is a fairly common problem in some areas. And in other places it is pervasive. From concrete structures to brick and block walls in commercial areas vandalism of this nature is not only an issue, but it causes the need for a way to combat it. One of the methods for dealing with graffiti is clean-up. And still another is pre-treatment. Here, we are going to look at the latter of these; pre-treating with anti-graffiti stone sealer.

Can Graffiti Be Prevented?

The short answer to the question, "can graffiti be prevented?" is no. There are a number of substances that are designed to bind to surfaces of various sorts. The key then is make the surface that might be vandalized using paint or some other coloring agent less susceptible to the substance. Taking this approach doesn't prevent the graffiti, but it does make it easier to remove when it does happen. The next natural question then is, how is stone treated for graffiti?

How to Pre-treat Stone for Graffiti

Because of the way that paint works on surfaces to which it is applied, some materials are more vulnerable to the effects of these methods of vandalizing buildings, walls, and other structures. Pre-treating surfaces is as simple as applying an anti-graffiti product to the surface before it is vandalized. This method makes the removal of the graffiti easier than it would otherwise be. So the question now becomes, "what do you pre-treat the surface with?"

Pre-treating With Anti-graffiti Stone Sealer

One method of pre-treating stone surfaces to fight graffiti is the use of anti-graffiti stone sealer. Using stone sealer is already a recommendation since natural stone surfaces are porous and absorb liquids. Therefore, treating natural stone surfaces with a stone sealer designed to resist graffiti is really just a matter of using a specific kind of stone sealer. By using an anti-graffiti natural stone sealer to treat surfaces, the material resists the actual process that allows the discoloration.