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Smoothed Stone Sealer

Natural Smooth Stoned Sealer

There are a variety of sealers available for stone surfaces. Like other products, sealers are not all formulated the same. You can check out Protex stone sealer, or read about the uses for Protex natural smoothed stone sealer toward the bottom of this page.

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Protex 1 Quart Protex 1 Quart

Premium natural stone sealer that works well on smoothed stone surfaces like Pietra Lecesse and Pietra Vicenza and others.

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Natural, Smoothed Stones

Some Natural Stone is Smoothed

As we have stated in other places on this website, not all stone sealer is formulated the same. There are stone sealers designed to work best on polished stone, selaer made for enhancing a stone's natural color, and even stone sealer made for making graffiti easier to remove. So then, it is no surprise that one would find a natural stone sealer that is made for use on smoothed stone surfaces.

Smoothed Limestone Sealer

A couple of example of "smoothed" stone as it applies to stone sealer is smoothed stone from various locations. Let's consider 2 examples.

Example number one is Pietra Laccese. Pietra Leccese is defined by one stone supplier as, "a kind of beige sandstone quarried in Italy." The same resource goes on to say, "[Pietra Leccese] is especially good for Exterior, Interior, Wall cladding, Paving, Pool Coping, Stairs, Mosaic, Garden ornaments and other design projects."

Pietra Leccese is not the only name by which you will find this natural stone. It also is labeled as:

  • Pietra Carparo
  • Lecce Stone
  • Pietra di Lecce
  • Pietra Leccese Limestone
  • Pietra Leccese Carparo
  • Pietra Leccese Tuff Stone
  • Arenaria di Leccese

Another example of a smoothed stone for which this group of sealers is well suited is Pietra Vicenza. A popular stone supplier describes this stone as, "a light creamy earth grey shell rock quarried in Italy." Continuing the thought is then says, "[Pietra Vicenza] is especially good for Building stone, monuments, pool coping, sills, ornamental stone, interior, exterior, wall, floor, paving and other design projects."

Pietra Vicenza also is supplied using the following names or labels:

  • Bianco Avorio
  • Bianco Avorio Vicenza
  • Pietra Bianca di Vicenza
  • Pietra di Vicenza Chiara
  • Pietra Vicenza
  • San Gottardo
  • Vicenza Limestone
  • Vicenza Stone
  • Pietra di San Gottardo
  • Pietra di Vicenza Limestone