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How to Glue Metal to Concrete

Spend any amount of time on a construction site and you will discover that there are several scenarios where gluing metal to concrete arise. When this happens, having the correct adhesive for glueing metal to concrete is important. In this article we will briefly consider some occasions where there comes a need to glue metal to concrete. We will also talk about important factors when it comes to bonding metal to concrete. How to glue metal to concrete is a general concept, and in this article we will touch on several ways this happens.

Gluing Metal Plates to Concrete

An occasion where gluing metal to concrete is needed is when you have the need to fasten a metal plate of some sort to a concrete surface. For example, fastening a name plate to a concrete surface. Or, attaching a plaque to the side of a building, statue, or other structure after the structure was already built.

When bonding metal plates or flat metal surfaces to concrete surfaces, be sure to properly prepare the metal so the adhesive will have more surface area to bond with on the metal.

Adhesive Anchors

One of the applications that require metal and concrete to be bonded together is when the adhesive is being used as an anchor for materials. Adhesive anchors are used for concrete repair in areas that have suffered damage or deterioration. Additionally, when an existing structure is being enlarged, the use of adhesive to bond an anchor bolt into concrete (or a stone) is needed to fasten two pieces of concrete together.

When anchoring bolts into concrete or anchoring pivots into masonry or another structural material, using a strong bonding cartridge adhesive made for anchoring is beneficial. And if the task is being done outside or in wet conditions, you will want to use a glue that is moisture resistant and that can be used in moisture. The types of metal materials that are anchored with adhesive are many. Some of the common metal fastenerrs that are anchored with adhesives include:

  • Eye Bolts
  • Threaded Rods
  • Anchor Pivots
  • Anchoring Rebar

How to Bond Concrete and Metal With Adhesive Anchors

Anchoring bolts into concrete slabs using adhesive is fairly straight forward. If you have the proper equipment and prepare well, you will be able to bond anchor bolts to concrete using the following steps:

  1. Using the proper size bit, drill holein the concrete measuring 1 ½ times the diameter of the bolt to be anchored. (Drill pilot holes if needed.)
  2. Blow the residual dust out of the hole.
  3. Vacuum dust from the surrounding area after the hole has been blown out.
  4. Using a long handled, stiff brush, brush the hole to remove the dust from the sides of the hole.
  5. Repeat steps 2, 3, and 4 multiple times to ensure that you have gotten as much dust out of the holes as possible.
  6. When you have cleaned a hole out thoroughly, before moving to the next hole, stuff a piece of pliable material into the hole to prevent dust from getting back into the hole.
  7. After drilling and cleaning each of the holes you are going to use for the anchor bolts, fill each hole ⅔ full with anchoring adhesive.
  8. For each hole, insert the bolt into the hole rotating clockwise as you insert it wipe away any overflow of adhesive from the hole that may ooze out from displacement.
  9. Allow time for the adhesive to cure.

Gluing metal to concrete really rests on two things. First, selecting a bonding adhesive that is designed to glue metal to concrete. And second, properly using the product (including following the instructions on the product itself) to achieve the desired results. By doing those two things, you set yourself up for success.

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