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Types of Glossaries and Terminology

Terminology in Types of Glossaries

Vocabulary is an important part of understanding anything we read. Whether it is a set of instructions for assembling a piece of equipment or reading a detailed manual that describes how to use the machine, reading is necessary. You can browse glossary types, or read about the types of glossaries toward the bottom of this page.

Glossaries of Terms

Glossary Types

The number of words available for use is endless. To put them all together into on comprehensive glossary of terms, would make it impractical to browse through. So, we break terminology up into glossary types. Each glossary contains a set of words that are conceptually related. Grouping terms by concept makes it easier to find a word. Additionally, some words actually related to multiple concepts and, depending on which context the word is being used in, the definition may be a bit different from another usage.

Cleaning Terminology

Cleaning involves a number of topics. The surfaces being cleaned, the solutions being used, and the manner in which the cleaning is being done all bring terminology that could be difficult to understand properly.

Adhesive Terms

Adhesives, like most other products, come in different forms. And the nature of these products involve chemistry in many cases. Therefore, there are a number of technical and scientific terms used that the average person simply doesn't use every day. Having a glossary of terms involving adhesives and glue-related words is important to help with finding definitions and making certain information understandable.

Stone Words And Terms

Anyone working in the stone industry knows that the vocabulary of the professionals incorporates a lot of words and concepts that are not readily known by people outside the industry. Words that are project focused and industry specific need to be defined and simplified so the concepts can be accurately communicated.