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Safety Yellow Racks

Safety Yellow

"Safety Yellow" is a term that we use to express the reason for the color of the equipment. According to OSHA, There are recommended colors for indicating various conditions in the environment. Note what the site says regarding this:

While the standard does not specifically mandate colors to be used on accident prevention tags, the following color scheme is recommended by OSHA for meeting the requirements...

The page goes on to list four colors that are used to communicate potential hazards. One of those colors is yellow. The complete list of the four colors mentioned are as follows:

  • Red - an indicator of a danger that exists in the environment that deserves attention.
  • Yellow - this color indicates caution and is the color that we are talking about here.
  • Orange - an indication of the need for attention due to a warning.
  • Orange-Red (Fluorescent Orange) - this color indicates the presence of a biological hazard and is commonly found on labeling.

So, the color of material handling equipment can be an effective reminder to be aware of a potential hazard. Handling stone slabs is a task that brings with it potential hazards. As a result, the equipment in this area is colored in "safety yellow". You can check out safety yellow racks, or read about the benefits of safety yellow racks toward the bottom of this page.

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Single Sided Safety Yellow A Frame Single Sided Safety Yellow A Frame

When situated against a wall, this A-frame storage rack accommodates full-sized slabs without touching the wall at the top.

List Price: $264.00
Safety Yellow Stone A Frame Rack Set Safety Yellow Stone A Frame Rack Set

Safety yellow A-frame storage rack set with crossbar is a double sided storage rack designed to accommodate 12,000 lbs.

List Price: $324.83
Safety Yellow Remnant Rack Safety Yellow Remnant Rack

This safety yellow heavy duty remnant stone five foot storage rack comes with two sixty inch bases and 20 - 36" posts.

List Price: $385.86

Safety Yellow Racks

Safety Yellow Stone Racks

Safety yellow stone racks are highly visible and contribute to a safe work environment. Whether it is a remnant rack, a waste container, or one of the a frame storage racks designed for transporting stone slabs, these safety yellow pieces are made to be very easy to see and this contributes to safety.