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Natural & Engineered Stone Cartridge Adhesives

Easy & Efficient Glue Cartridge Adhesives

Adhesives for natural stone and engineered surfaces are available in easy to use glue cartridge systems that make the their use efficient and effective. Less waste and no mess is what makes cartridge glue appealing.

Easy Use Stone Glue

Glue cartridges are easy to use since you just insert the glue cartridge and begin dispensing. Glue cartridges are available for the adhesives listed below.

Less Waste and No Mess is Efficient

Efficiency in the fabrication and installation process results in more productivity. The less adhesive that is wasted, the more work yo can do with the same amount of glue. Also, if the adhesive is not messy, there is less time used for clean up. Adhesive cartridges allow both.

check out cartridge glue, or read about the types of cartridge glue toward the bottom of this page.

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Part# 1RGLAXSCBLACKBAHIA - Black Bahia Black Bahia

List Price: $34.03
Sirocco 215 ML Mastidek for DEKTON Sirocco 215 ML Dekton Glue Cartridge

Sirocco 215 ML cartridge is an indoor/outdoor, UV safe, zero yellowing, cartridge glue for DEKTON surfaces.

List Price: $39.00
Zenith 215 ML Mastidek Cartridge Glue Zenith 215 ML Dekton Glue Cartridge

Super strong adhesion, indoor/outdoor cartridge glue for DEKTON surfaces in the color Zenith and 215 ML size.

List Price: $39.00
Part# 1RGLAXSCWHITESAIL - White Sail White Sail

List Price: $40.97
10:1 Cartridge Gun for 250 ML 10:1 Cartridge Gun for 250 ML

Cartridge glue gun designed for use with cartridge adhesives that require two parts for proper mixing at a 10:1 mix ratio.

List Price: $65.39
1:1 Cartridge Gun for 400 ML 1:1 Cartridge Gun for 400 ML

Cartridge glue gun designed for use with cartridge adhesives that require two parts for proper mixing at a 1:1 mix ratio.

List Price: $65.39
2:1 Cartridge Gun for 215 ML 2:1 Cartridge Gun for 215 ML

Cartridge glue gun designed for use with cartridge adhesives that require two parts for proper mixing at a 2:1 mix ratio.

List Price: $65.39
M200XMR Cartridge Gun M200XMR Cartridge Gun

Universal cartridge gun for adhesive products in many mix ratios including 10:1, 2:1, and 1:1 glue cartridges.

List Price: $106.00

Various Cartridge Adhesives

Fabrication shops work with a variety of bonding adhesives and the different glues used, work best with specific materials. Here we will briefly discuss the various adhesives that are offered and mention the materials on which each works. A number of these cartridge glue products are available in various colors. The color palette is determined mainly by the materials on whihc the adhesive is used.

Glaxs Cartridge Glue for Porcelain, Glass, & Ceramic

Glaxs cartridge glue is designed for use on smooth materials like glass, porcelain, and ceramic surfaces. Porcelain countertops are more common now that technology has progeressed to the point of creating porcelain in thicker slabs and sheets. These thicker sheets allow for a variety of surfaces; including countertops. Having an adhesive that is easy to use and waste efficient makes the work smoother and produces better results.

In addition to porcelain, bonding glass surfaces is also a necessity that calls for a glue that offers a strong bond and is resilient. Bonding glass is easy with Glaxs cartridge glue.

Titnium Cartridge Glue for Several Materials

What if your preference is for a well-rounded bonding adhesive that works on virtually every material? Titanium cartridge glue is a vinyl ester adhesive that are available in an array of colors and made to bond materials from many manufacturers. Titanium bonds several material types, including:

  • Granite
  • Quartzite
  • Ceramic
  • Porcelain
  • Sintered Stone
  • Quartz
  • Marble
  • Limestone

DEKTON® Cartridge Glue

Cosentino DEKTON® is one of the various products that fall under the sintered stone group of materials. DEKTON® is produced in very specific colors and these colors must be matched by adhesive manufacturers so that the seams blend well with the material's color. Mastidek cartridge glue is formulated to match DEKTON® colors perfectly.

Metal-friendly Cartridge Glue

There are times when you are working on a project and the need arises for a glue that can bond one material with another one. When one of those materials is metal, you need to use a cartridge adhesive that is made to bond metal to another kind of stone. That is when you will find that Domo cartridge glue performs well. This cartridge glue is made for serious bonding.