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Bundle Racks

Choosing Stone Bundle Racks

If your facility works with bundles of stone, whether it is granite, marble or any one of the materials in the list below, you are probably looking for a durable, and long lasting bundle rack to keep these slabs together. After all, you may need to work with slabs from the same bundle in order to get the best color compliment for a particular project.

check out granite bundle racks, or read about the features of granite bundle racks toward the bottom of this page.

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Bison 5 Slab Racks Bison 5 Slab Racks

This quality stone slab storage system is a set of continuous locking rack system designed to store both individual slabs and bundles.

List Price: $887.40
60" 10 Ft. Buffalo Slab Rack 60" 10 Ft. Buffalo Slab Rack

Buffalo slab bundle storage racks represent the latest technology in vertical stone storage and are rated for 11,500 lbs.

List Price: $1,679.50
10' Hippo Slab Bundle Set 10' Hippo Slab Bundle Set

The Hippo is a heavy duty multi-bundle storage rack that is made for holding up to 190,080 pounds of bundled stone.

List Price: $2,371.76
72" 10' Buffalo Slab Rack 72" 10' Buffalo Slab Rack

The Weha Buffalo Bundle Slab Storage Rack 10 foot long with 16 72" Safety Poles. 6 Point Post Touch Locking System.

List Price: $2,435.00

Granite Slab Bundle Racks

Bundle racks are very practical for storage of material bundles from a range of materials including:

Whether your bundles are 2cm or 3cm slabs, you will need bundle racks that can hold up to the weight. The bundle racks in this area of the site are designed for long life and are high quality to give you the assurance of a sturdy (heavy duty) material handling product.

Bison 5 Granite Slab Racks

Every fabrication shop needs a place to store slabs for the fabrication process and the Bison 5 racks are a sturdy solution. The Bison 5 is an interlocking slab storage rack set that is made to handle bundles and individual slabs.

Buffalo Slab Bundle Racks

For slab bundles, the Buffalo bundle racks are an appealing choice that offer two lengths of vertical posts. These bundle storage racks are hot-dip galvanized and offer both 60" and 72" vertical posts.

Hippo Heavy Duty Slab Rack

If you are looking for a bundle rack that is heavy duty, the Hippo is your best bet. This bundle rack is rated for a 190,000 weight capacity. Furthermore, this bundle rack is the strongest on the market and is designed to stay sturdy since it is hot-dip galvanized steel.