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Porcelain Ceramic Coring Bits

Core Bits for Porcelain & Ceramics

Ceramic & porcelain surfaces are particularly hard. Additionally, these materials and others like them are more brittle than natural stone surfaces. That means you will need to make sure that your core bits are designed for cutting ceramics and porcelain.

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Core Bits for Ceramics

Ceramic & Porcelain Coring Bits

We feature several core bits that are made for drilling ceramic and porcelain materials. Whether you are looking for CNC machine bits, wet core bits, or dry core bits, we have them here.


Weramic core bits are designed for drilling large format tile made of porcelain or ceramic tiles & sintered stone or ultracompact surfaces panels available in various brands. Weramic ccore bits are avialable for multiple tools and machines.

Dry Magic

Dry Magic coring bits also are made with coring materials like ceramic and porcelain slabs, tiles, and sheets. Dry Magic core bits work well in dry environments where water cannot be used. If you need to drill a hole on the job site and the material is ceramic, porcelain, or stintered stone, reach for the Dry Magic core bit.