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Lifting Hooks, Connectors & Accessories

Choosing Lift Accessories (Hooks & Connectors)

If you handle stone slabs or metal plates with lifting clamps and hooks, you no doubt will find that accessories such as connectors and hooks will bee very useful. You can check out lifting accessories and hooks, or read about the different clamp hooks and connectors toward the bottom of this page.

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Cable Connect Sling Cable Connect Sling

This cable connection sling increases the amount of room btween the hook and the load so you have more space bertween the two.

List Price: $64.42
R1000/1500 Jumbo Rubber and Plates R1000/1500 Jumbo Rubber and Plates

Replacement part (rubber and steel plate) for the jumbo wide grip scissor lifting clamps with part numbers R1000 & R1500.

List Price: $89.76
3.15 Ton Swivel Hook 3.15 Ton Swivel Hook

Swivel hook for attaching lifters, cables, and other gear to forklift booms witha metal clip to secure attachemnts inside the hook.

List Price: $164.54
Knob for Telescopic Boom Knob for Telescopic Boom

Replacement knob for telescopic Whea forklift booms and is used for the locking mechanism for the telescoping feature of the boom.

List Price: $178.26
Fork Lift Eye Hook Fork Lift Eye Hook

Slip this eye hook onto your forlift's fork and you have yourself a mechanism for lifting material using your forklift.

List Price: $212.36

Accessories & Connectors for Lifting Clamps

Connector Hooks & Accessories for Boom Lifting Clamps

If you use a forklift in the shop or warehouse you probably make it into a lifting machine by using steel plate & stone slab lifting clamps or the wide grip slab and plate lifters. If that is the case, you need some sort of connector to fasten the clamp lifter to the boom on the forklift. That is where connectors, hooks, and other accessories come in handy. In actuality, they are a necessity. Having the right accessories for the kind of lifting you do in the warehouse or fabrication shop makes a big difference.

Clamp Lifter Accessories

Some of the accessories that you can find in this area include various parts for using and refreshing products that you lift stone and metal slabs and plastes with.

For example, you can get the replacement gripping plates for lifters here. Or, if you are looking to replace cable connection slings or hooks of one sort or another, they are in this section as well. These are not the only accessories in this area, but they are some of the common ones.