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Know When to Choose to Use Polyester Adhesives

Trying to decide what adhesive to use for a given project can be challenging to say the least. With so many options available and the various types of adhesives from which to choose, it can become a sea of choices that begin to make your head swim. However, when you know what pieces of information to focus on, the choice becomes simpler. In this article, we are going to look at some of the characteristics of polyester adhesives and what kinds of traits make them a great choice for some projects.

What Are Polyester Adhesives?

Polyester adhesives are are a glue that offers a lot for the cost. They are made up of various components and they represent one of the largest classes of synthetic resins. Polyesters are available in various forms.

Traits of Polyesters

Polyesters perform very good and they are the go to adhesive for some fabricators and other stone professionals. Base colors such as white and transparent are available. However, coloring pigments may be added to those base colors to create just about any color that you need.

Cost of Polyester Adhesives

Polyester adhesives are relatively low cost compared to some adhesives. Relatively speaking a polyester glue will run you less than other bonding agents designed for the kinds of tasks for which polyesters can be made.

Polyesters Make the Work Quick

If you are working in an environment that counts on production, these adhesives might be exactly what you are looking for to get the job done. Polyester adhesives are not only easy to use, but they are also a bit more UV stable than other glue.

Specific Uses Are Compatible With Polyester Glue

For some jobs, these bonding adhesives are a great fit. For example, when they are used as an adhesive for countertops or other stone installation indoors they work very well. There are other uses too, ut you get the idea. Polyester adhesives are a great choice for projects where the bond needs to be strong, but the application does not require a structural strength bond.

Temperature Change Cycles Not Good for Polyesters

One other piece of information to remember about polyester adhesives is that they are not well suited for repeated temperature change cycles. For example outdoor temperatures that cycle between temperatures below and above freezing cause these kinds of glue to "de-laminate". As a result, once strong bonds become, well, not so strong anymore. For this reason, polyester adhesives are primarily used for indoor applications.

When Should You Choose to Use Polyesters?

As we have covered in this article, polyester adhesives have some drawbacks to them. First, they hold very well, but not to the degree required for a "structural adhesive". Second, they do not perform particularly well when temperatures change drastically repeatedly. However, that does not mean that polyesters are not high quality adhesives. For specific applications, they are tremendous solutions. So, if your project is on a budget, the bond will not be subjected to temperatures that cycle between freezing and non freezing, and the strength of the bond does not need to be structural, choosing polyester adhesives will most likely perform well.

As we have seen. Deciding when to use polyester adhesives involves having just a bit of information about what the pros and cons of these kinds of glue are. Fitting the type of adhesive to the project you are working on is imperative. But when the project is of a certain nature, then polyester adhesives just might be the best choice.

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Travertine filler used to horizontally repair, rebuild, glue, and fill travertine and has a semisolid consistency that is smooth.

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Knife Grade Buff 1 LT Knife Grade Buff 1 LT

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Flowing Transparent 1 LT Flowing Transparent 1 LT

A high quality polyester mastic used to horizontally repair, bond, and fill and is very polishable and colors easily.

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Very polishable adhesive that cures shiny, colors easily to match the stone and cures fast with an extremely strong bond.

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1 Liter Crystal Knife Grade 1 Liter Crystal Knife Grade

Crystal knife is a high quality polyester mastic used to vertically or horizontally repair and bond and has a very smooth in consistency.

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