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Lifting Booms & Accessories

Choosing Forklift Booms & Accessories

Easily turn your forklift into a warehouse material handling crane by using these these booms and other accessories for the booms. You can check out forklift booms and accessories, or read about the different forklift boom equipment toward the bottom of this page.

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Knob for Telescopic Boom Knob for Telescopic Boom

Replacement knob for telescopic Whea forklift booms and is used for the locking mechanism for the telescoping feature of the boom.

List Price: $178.26
Safety Yellow Telescopic Forklift Boom Safety Yellow Telescopic Forklift Boom

Safety yellow forklift boom that transforms your existing forklift into stone and material slab lifting machine.

List Price: $1,190.26
Telescopic Forklift Boom Telescopic Forklift Boom

Is it a forklift or is it a crane? It can be both with telescopic boom that transforms your existing forklift into a lifting crane.

List Price: $3,082.64

Forklift Booms and Accessories for Booms

Forklift Boom Accessories and Actual Booms

Forklifts are in use all over the U.S. and with the products in this section, these forklifts can be turned into material handling vehicles that transport stone slabs or metal plates across the warehouse or fabrication shop.

Forklift booms and accessories are simple items that attach to the forklift and allow for a lifter of some sort to be attached using swivel hooks and/or cables.