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Domo Strong Cartridge Glue

Domo Strong Cartridge Adhesives

Domo strong cartridge glue is a very strong bi-component bonding adhesive for use on several materials. You can check out Domo cartridge, or read about the Domo cartridge glue toward the bottom of this page.

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Domo 10 Metal-stone Cartridge Domo 10 Metal-stone Cartridge

Epoxy bi-compnent cartridge glue that works very well for bonding metal materials to stone and other substances.

List Price: $32.24

Domo Super Strong Cartridge Adhesives

Domo Super Strong Adhesives

Domo cartridge adhesives are VOC compliant, bi-component cartridge adhesives designed for bonding several materials in a variety of environments. These adhesives have serious bonding strength that holds so well that the stone will break before the bond does.

Adhesive for Multiple Environments

Domo cartridge adhesives are verstile when it comes to the environments in which they are used. Since they can be used on a variety of surfaces, including dry, polished, and damp surfaces, Domo cartridge glue is a good choice for bonding materials in a number of conditions.

Another feature that makes Domo cartridge glue versatile is that it works well when bonding several materials and even joining two different materials in many cases. Note some of the material combinations that can be bonded using Domo adhesives:

  • Ceramic-ceramic
  • Metal-concrete
  • Metal-stone*
  • Metal-ceramic*
  • Glass-stone**
  • Glass-ceramic**

In addition to bonding various materials together in different environments, Domo adhesives are so strong they work well for fixing nails & metal parts as well as anchoring bolts, pivots, and tie-beams.

Domo cartridge ashesives are one of several high performance adhesives for the stone industry.

* Metal must be properly prepared by scrabbling.

** Glass must be properly prepared by scrabbling.