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Best Quartzite Blades

In a previous post, we discussed some reasons why one might get a variety of answers when considering which diamond blade is the best. In this post we will take a brief look at a couple of "best quartzite blade" contenders when you are seeking a diamond blade that cuts quartzite. The blades we will consider here are:

  • Grey Leopard
  • White Lion

Quartzite - Its Characteristics

Quartzite is a natural stone that falls into the "metamorphic rock" category. For a discussion of the importance of knowing a bit about the stone, you can see this article discussing quartzite. One of its sterling qualities, though, is that it is very hard. In fact, on the Mohs scale (a scale that measures a rock's hardness) is registers at 7. To give you an idea of how hard that is, diamonds are a 10. So you could say that quartzite is a very hard stone. There are other characteristics that distinguish quartzite from other rock. However, for this post, what matters is it hardness.

The hardness of the stone plays a large role in which blade will work the best for cutting it. The blade's properties and the way it wears will determines its performance. The following blades have been designed to perform well on hard stone. Lets's take a closer look at both of these blades.

Grey Leopard Blade for Quartzite

The first of the two blades for quartzite that we will consider is the Grey Leopard. Considered to be a "hard stone" blade, the Grey Leopard performs well on quartzite. This bridge saw blade is engineered for hard stones including:

  • Quartz
  • Granite
  • Quartzite

What makes the Grey Leopard one of the best blades for cutting hard stone like quartzite? The engineering approach reveals the answer. First, the split segment design of the blade makes it capable of cutting hard stone quickly. Second, this blade removes slurry quickly so that plenty of water is channeled between the blade and stone. Third, the rigid core of the Grey Leopard means that it is able to make straight cuts; it does not walk when making miter cuts.

These three engineering characteristics work together, positioning the Grey Leopard among the best quartzite blades available on the market.

White Lion Quartzite Blade

Best Quartzite Blade

The next quartzite blade that we will take a look at is the White Lion. This diamond bridge saw blade has been called the "King of the Jungle" when it comes to quartzite blades. In fact you can read what fabricators have to say about its performance in stone fabrication forum conversations.

Reading those descriptions of results that real fabricators have gotten with the White Lion quartzite blade is powerful. It is evidence of why the following characteristics have earned this diamond quartzite blade the title "King of the Jungle" by some. Thus, recommending it as one of the best quartzite blades available.

  • Arrix Diamond Layered Technology
  • Patented Diamond Segment Design
  • 20mm Height Segments
  • German Made Silent Core

We have taken a look at two diamond blades that are considered to be among the best quartzite blades. As always, we encourage you to experiment for yourself. At any rate, these two blades should be considered among the best for the reasons stated.