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Rack Accessories

Granite Rack Accessories

Whether it is a replacement post cap or a cross-bar for an a frame previously purchased, you will find them in this area of the site. You can check out rack accessories, or read about the accessories for granite racks toward the bottom of this page.

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Granite Slab Rack Accessories

Stone Rack Replacement Parts

There are a couple of parts that are required for just about any of the bundle racks on this site. The first is replacement posts. These rack accessories vary in length and can be purchased to replace a damaged post on an existing bundle rack; Hippo, Buffalo, or Bison.

Additionally, rubber safety caps can also be obtained for capping the top of posts on these storage bundle racks. The white rubber caps play an important role in the protection of the stone being stored. So when one of them is damaged or missing, replacements are available.