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Wide Jaw Locking Lifting Clamps

Choosing Locking Wide Grip Lifting Clamps

If you handle stone slabs or metal plates in a shop or warehouse, you no doubt will find cost effective ways to move materials practical. You can check out wide grip lifting clamps, or read about the different wide jaw locking lifters for materials toward the bottom of this page.

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2205 lb Capacity Large Jaw Clamp 2205 lb Capacity Large Jaw Clamp

Screw style lifting clamp with wide jaws for lifting and transporting metal plates, concrete dividers and stone slabs.

List Price: $726.79
Jumbo 2205lb Capacity Grabbing Lifter Jumbo 2205lb Capacity Grabbing Lifter

Heavy duty jumbo grabbing lifter for handling and vertically transporting stone slabs and steel plates from one location to another.

List Price: $1,084.34
3087 lbs. Capacity Lifting Clamp 3087 lbs. Capacity Lifting Clamp

Wire cabled vertical lifting clamp for lifting stone slabs and metal plates of up to 3087 lbs. and a thickness of up to 11 inches.

List Price: $1,679.35

Locking Style Wide Grip Material Lifting Clamps

Locking Style Wide Jaw Clamps for Stone Slabs & Metal Plates

There are several occasions where you might want to use one of these types of lifters for metal plates and stone slabs. Capable of lifting various weights, depending on the capacity for which a given lifter is rated, locking style, wide grip material lifters are good pieces of equipment to have on hand. They are easily maneuverable, adaptable, and cost effective to use. Having one or more of these in the shop means you always have the ability to lift material using a hoist-type piece of machinery; especially if the material is extra thick.

Wide Jaws for Thick Materials

Depending on what your weight requirements and the thickness of your materials, there are two locking style stone slab, concrete dividers, and metal materials clamp lifters available here. These lifters offer different weight capacities and jaw widths, but they all grab material thicker than 9". Great for lifting a variety of materials, these wide grip slab grab lifting clamps are made for the tasks of picking up materials that are thick and awkward.

Durable, well made and able to be used indoors or out because of the galvanized construction. The rubber grips mean these lifting clamps will hang on to material well. See each style by checking out the appropriate details page above.