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1764lb Capacity Scissor Style Clamp

1764lb Capacity Scissor Style Clamp

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R 400 Twin 1764 Lbs. Scissor Style Lifting Clamp

The R 400 Twin 1764 pound capacity lifting clamp is a twin scissor style lifter made for vertically picking up slabs, plates, and sheets of material from 3⁄4" = 3" thick weighing up to 1764 pounds. Made for use on a forklift boom, jib crane, or even overhead crane, the R 400 1764 lbs. twin scissor style lifting clamp is a practical and cost effective way to handle surfaces made from various materials.

Construction Features

This R 400 1764 lbs. twin scissor lifter is made for lifting stone slabs or metal plates. The rubber coated jaws and contact points of this lifting clamp mean it grips the material without scratching and marring the surface being lifted.

In addition to the rubber coated jaws and contact points, the R 400 Twin 1764 lbs. scissor lifting clamp features a patented design automatically locking return spring which keeps the clamp in the vertical (upright) position while being used.

Lifter Dimensions

The dimensions of the R 400 Twin 1764 lbs. metal plate and stone slab lifter 6" x 6" x 11" when closed and 6" x 6" x 15" when it is fully opened. This makes it a space-saving option if your materials are relatively light weight (up to 1764 pounds) and are not overly thick. The clamp pad surfaces measure 4" x 6" and the unit itself weighs 17.6 pounds.

R 400 Twin 1764lb Scissor Lifter At A Glance:

  • Load Capacity: 1764 lbs.
  • Closed Dimensions: 11"
  • Fully Opened Height: 15"
  • Grip Range: 4⁄5" = 3"
  • Clamp Surface: 16" x 4"
  • Weight: 46 lbs.

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