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5" x 5/8-11 Medium Density Felt Wheel

5" x 5/8-11 Medium Density Felt Wheel

List Price: $40.38

Product Code: 4442

Weha 5" Medium Density Felt Wheel 5/8-11 Thread 1" Thick

The Weha 5" x 1" x 5/8-11 Thread Thick Medium Density Felt Wheel is an outstanding medium density felt wheel for using polishing powders, waxes, etc on granite, marble, engineered stone, quartzite, and other natural stones.

There are a lot of nice features of this medium density felt pad:
1) It has a full bullnose outside radius. This allows the Weha medium density felt wheel to be used on ogee edges, inside bowl holes, sink cutouts, and other stone edge work
2) Its 1" thickness allows for very long life.
3) Its 5/8-11 Threaded. Now you don't have to use a hook & loop back up pad. It simply threads on. Also, one of the chronic problems with hook & loop medium density felt pads is that the Hook & Loop prematurely peels off the felt.
4) 5" Diameter: The 5" diameter with the rigid blue Plastic backer adds great stability for both flat and edge buffing.

The Weha 5" x 1" Thick Medium Density Felt Wheel is a must have in any granite and marble fabrication shop

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