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A1500 Multi-configuration Lifter

A1500 Multi-configuration Lifter

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A1500 Multi-configuration Venturi Vacuum Lifter

The A1500 is a Venturi vacuum lifter that is multi-configurable and sports a 1500 lbs. capacity. This versatile material lifter effectively lifts all sorts of materials and can accommodate a plethora of shapes and sizes.

From Concept to Reality

This multi-functional vacuum lifter came about as a result of a suggestion from a stone fabricator. This professional was in need of a machine that could lift a variety of panels for a commercial project. The job was such that the fabricator would need to lift small panels which would only require a single pad lifter. However, he would also have to lift full slabs and islands as well. That was the concept. The reality? Weha constructed a machine that would serve as the solution; the A1500 multi-configuration, multi-functional, Venturi vacuum lifter. The result of making this lifter has produced the most versatile multi-functional stone vacuum lifter on the market.

Versatility Through Configuration

The A1500 vacuum lifter is versatile and considered by many to be the best vacuum lifter for stone because of its configurability. The fact that you can remove pads and reconfigure and position the crossbars means this unit is really several vacuum lifters in one machine. Check out some of the configuration options that can be achieved with the A1500.

  • 1 Pad - Remove all the add on modules and you are left with a base machine that has 1 pad, all the vacuum systems, connections, shut off valves and functionality. In essence, this configuration makes the A1500 a single pad, power tilt vacuum lifter with a capacity of 300 lbs. The main pad dimensions are 12 ½" x 22 ½". In this configuration the A1500 handles the small panels that are just large enough to require a lifter. This set up is perfect (without the extension bars) for tight radius maneuvers and loading carts, dollies, and line machines, etc. This is because the total lifter width is 36".
  • 2 Pads - The machine can be set up a couple of different ways when two pads are used. First, you can remove the center pad and replace it with two pads using the same base unit. Second, you can add the extension bars and spread the them up to 104". Using two pads on the machine gives it a capacity of 600 lbs; double that of the base machine.
  • 3 Pads - Using the three pad configuration there are options similar to that of the 2 pad configuration. First, you can put all three pads on the base for a capacity of 900 lbs. Second, you can add the two extension bars and spread them out up to 104" wide; also for a capacity of 900 lbs.
  • 4 Pads - For the four pad mode, there are also 2 configurations. One, use the extension bars and run the 4 pads in a linear fashion up to 104" wide. Two, Remove the center pad and add the crossbars to the extension bar and spread them to 104" x 48". With four pads in use, the lifter has a capacity of 1200 lbs.
  • 5 Pads - Finally, using all five pads the A1500 can be set up the following two ways: First, using the extension bars and running the pads linear up to 104". And Second, Adding the crossbars to the extension and spreading them out up to 104" x 48". Using all five pads gives the A1500 a capacity of 1500lbs.

Features At A Glance

  • Positional Pad Placement
  • Variable Weight Capacity
  • Adjustable Sizing and Pad Spread
  • Non-corrosive Material
  • High Quality Construction
  • Multiple Dedicated Shut-off Valves
  • Convenient Line Connections
  • Power Tilt

Positional Pad Placement

Swivel vacuum pads. Each vacuum lifter pad is mounted on a swivel that allows it to spin on 90 degree locks. the pad can be in vertical position and then turned to a horizontal position. The vacuum pads can also be placed in 45 degree angle positions. The ability to swivel and move the vacuum pads give greater flexibility in placing the pads on the stone. L shaped pieces, going around sinks, etc are controlled much easier by swiveling the pads.

Variable Weight Capacity

Weight capacity. The A1500 Vacuum Lifter with all 5 vacuum pads has a capacity of 1500lbs in both vertical and horizontal positions. This capacity will handle the largest granite slab to date, with extra safety room. Each individual vacuum pad is rated for 300 lbs. Even when using less cups for smaller pieces, the weight capacity per pad is greater than other vacuum lifters on the market.

Adjustable Sizing and Pad Spread

Minimum and Maximum Pad Spread. The A1500 Vacuum lifter with 5 pads spread out as far as it can go on the extension bar as well as the crossbar will have a maximum spread of 108" x 58". The minimum spread with the 5 pads close together is 36" x 39"

Non-corrosive Material

Galvanized frame. The entire frame and extensions of the A1500 Vacuum Lifter is hot dipped galvanized. The A1500 Vacuum Lifter will last for 20+ years without any worry of rusting or metal fatigue.

High Quality Construction

Made in Germany. The A1500 Vacuum Lifter is made by in their own manufacturing plant. Every detail is controlled by us. And only uses the absolute best parts, pistons, hoses, gauges, and vacuum pads to build this structural sound and solid vacuum lifter.

Multiple Dedicated Shut-off Valves

5 shut off valves. Every vacuum cup has its own dedicated shut off valve. These red on/off valves are set directly in front of the operator to easily control which pads the operator wants to use

Convenient Line Connections

Quick disconnect lines. Changing from 1 pad to 3 pads, to 5 pads is extremely easy. Simply quick disconnect the air line from the on/off valve and slide the vacuum cup with its hose off of the lifter. Quick and easily.

Power Tilt

vertical and horizontal motion. The A150 Vacuum Lifter comes standard with power tilt. This allows horizontal to vertical (and vice versa) movement with a simple control lever next to the hand of the operator.


The A1500 Venturi Vacuum Lifter has been redesigned specifically to accommodate the demands of stone fabrication. Its features, functions, and weight capacities give fabricators the best choice and options for moving stone with a vacuum lifter.

  • Load Capacity Horizontal: 1500 lbs.
  • Load Capacity Vertical: 1500 lbs.
  • Height with power tilt: 39"
  • 5 Suction Pads Each: 12 1/2" x 22 1/2"
  • Length of Base without extension: 36"
  • Length of Lifter with Extension Bars installed: 94"
  • Length of Operating Cross Bars: 48"
  • Weight: 203 lbs

The A1500 Pneumatic Air Vacuum Lifter is an air Venturi vacuum lifter. It requires a minimum of 58 PSI at 4 CFM or 4 bar. 5 vacuum cups included each with a weight capacity of 300 lbs. The power vertical/horizontal tilt offers a range of 0-90 degrees. Large pressure gauge is positioned directly in front of the operator to allow for continuous monitoring of air pressure at all times.

The A1500 Vacuum Lifter comes complete with:

  • A1500 Base Vacuum Lifter
  • 2 Extension Bars
  • 2 Cross Bars
  • 5 Vacuum Pads

Optional Stand for Vacuum Lifters are almost a must if you plan to disconnect the vacuum lifter and place on the ground. This is to protect the vacuum cups

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