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Carbon Fiber Rodding 1/8" x 1/4" x 328' Roll

Carbon Fiber Rodding 1/8" x 1/4" x 328' Roll

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List Price: $189.72

Product Code: 126487

Carbon Fiber Rodding 1/8" x 1/4" x 328' roll

At only $0.58 cents per foot, the Weha Carbon Fiberglass granite rodding is price competitive but unequaled in strength and bonding ability

Weha Carbon Fiber rodding is the latest technology in fiberglass rodding for granite, all natural stones, engineered stones, and quartz counter top applications

Made with the highest concentration of fiberglass strands throughout the entire profile makes the weha carbon granite rodding, in itself, much stronger than traditional white fiberglass rodding for stone

Weha has added an additional top and bottom layer of high tensile strength Carbon on both sides to drastically increase the strength even more!

The results: granite rodding that literally becomes stronger than steel. Don't believe it?

See the extensive independent test done by Tenax of Italy (below) to prove this to be true.

The Carbon Fiberglass rodding comes in 100 meter-328' rolls.

Dimensions: 1/8" x 1/4" x 328'

The Carbon Fiber Rodding roll is 29" in diameter to fit all rodding stands.

With the Carbon Fiberglass rodding only being 1/4" high, it will work perfect for 2cm applications.

When it comes to rodding, what are you really buying?

When you look around at companies selling white fiberglass rodding, the price seems to keep going lower and lower.

Why is that? Competition? NO!

Price is 100% dictated by how much actual fiberglass that is actual being used in the fiberglass rodding.
So, the more fiberglass, the higher the price.
The less fiberglass used, the price goes lower.

With that in mind, are you buying FIBERGLASS rodding or simply an extruded plastic rodding?

How can you tell?
Look at the end of the rodding and try to spread it open. Are you seeing a fray of fiberglass? Or is it really tight and looks like plastic?
In this instance, you are getting what you pay for.
If you want real strength and real protection, then buy the Weha Carbon Fiberglass Rodding.
You will be guaranteed the best chance of not breaking your top.

Carbon Rodding Extensive Test against White Rodding and Steel Rodding

Weha Carbon Fiberglass Rodding also come in 1/8" x 3/8" x 328' roll (most popular for 3cm material)
Weha Carbon Fiberglass Rodding can be used on: granite, marble, engineered stone, quartz, limestone, and all natural stones. It can also be used on concrete counter tops as well.
Weha Carbon Fiberglass Rodding is a patent pending sold exclusively by Weha.

Weha Carbon Fiberglass rodding for granite and stone is the strongest granite counter top fiberglass granite rodding to be used in the stone industry.

Why used Carbon Rodding over steel rodding?
NO RUST- Weha Carbon Fiberglass rodding will never rust and create granite stains.
NO WASTE- Because Weha Carbon Fiberglass Rodding comes on a roll and can be cut at any length, granite rodding waste is completely eliminated.
BONDS TO GLUE- Because the Weha Carbon Fiberglass Rodding has the highest concentration of fiberglass over other granite rodding, the glue will bond not only to the stone but also to the fiberglass rodding

Cracks kill profits!
Don't let cracks kill. Simply use the Weha Carbon Fiberglass rodding and keep the profit.

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