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Domo 10 Metal-stone Cartridge

Domo 10 Metal-stone Cartridge

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Metal-stone Cartridge Bonding Adhesive

Domo 10 is an epoxy bi-compnent cartridge glue used to bond and repair a variety of materials. The cartridge allows for the proper mixing of the product easily. It is an adhesive that works very well for bonding metal materials to stone and other substances.

Material Compatibility

Domo 10 cartridge glue is formulated to work at bonding two material of different types. Some of the materials that Domo 10 is compatible with include:

  • Granite
  • Metal
  • Travertine
  • Onyx
  • Sandstone
  • Glass
  • Soapstone
  • Concrete
  • Quartzite
  • Limestone
  • Composite Stone
  • Concrete

Bonding materials with Domo 10 is easy with the cartridge gun. Metal can be glued to a number of materials in the list above. Here are some combinations:

  • Ceramic-ceramic
  • Metal-stone (with the metal scrabbled properly)
  • Metal-ceramic (with the metal scrabbled properly)
  • Metal-concrete
  • Glass-stone (with the glass scrabbled properly)
  • Glass-ceramic (with the glass scrabbled properly)
  • Fixing Metal Parts
  • Anchoring Pivots
  • Anchoring Bolts
  • Tie-beams

Domo Knife Grade Demonstration Video

In the video below, knife grade domo is applied to a stone surface and metal hardware is fastened to the material. The cartridge application of the adhesive is simpler.

So Domo 10 is a Metal-stone cartridge glue that is easily used for a number of applications.

Technical Information

Technical Data
Viscosity Part A cps 25°C Approximately 20000 cps
Viscosity Part B cps 25°C Approximately 20000 cps
Density Part A/Part B at 25°C gr/cm 3 1.3/1.3
Aspect Part A/Aspect Part B Ivory Liquid/White Liquid
Aspect Resin Hard White
GARDNER color of the resin ASTM D1544 N/A
GARDNER color of the hardener ASTM D1544 N/A
Mixing ratio resin + hardener in weight 100 + 100 = Total 200
Gel time in bulk at 25°C (100 gr resin + hardener) Approximately 2 hours 30 minutes
Tacky free in thin layer at 25°C; 50% relative humidity Approximately 4 hours
Tacky free in thin layer at 25°C; 10% relative humidity Approximately 3 hours
Hardness in Shore D (1) ASTM D 2240 81
Glass transition temperature Tglass (ASTM E1545) (1) 62°C
Peeling test with glass fiber on marble (ASTM D3167) (1) 1,5 N/mm
Adhesion force on marble (ASTM D4541)(1) 15 Mpa
Adhesion force on glass (ASTM D4541)(1) 15 Mpa
Weathering test on climatic chamber Qsun, (ASTM D904), 3 years of outdoor condition, light+rain+ thermal shock Passed, no detachment of resin from the support
Yellowing test on the Xenon chamber 3 years (ISO11341) Very high
Minimum reaction temperature +5°C
Minimum temperature of use after hardening -25°C
Maximum temperature of use after hardening +60°C
Working time at 25°C (time for polishing or cutting) 24 hours


  • Super Strong (Stone Will Break Before Bond)
  • Suitable for Below 32°F
  • Compatible for Hot Temperatures
  • Indoor Use
  • Outdoor Use
  • VOC Compliant
  • Color: White

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