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250 ML Polished Stone Sealer

250 ML Polished Stone Sealer

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250 ML Polished Stone Sealer - Hydrex

Hydrex polished stone sealer is a penetrating sealer surface treatment that slows the absorption of liquids (stains) into the material through its microporosities. Hydrex (250 ML) stone sealer is both waterproof and oil proof. This stone sealer is excellent for several types of stone (see list below). It is especially effective on polished granite and polished marble surfaces. Hydrex polished stone sealer allows the stone to breathe to maintain its natural characteristics. This sealer may be used indoors and outdoors and does not change the color of the stone. Hydrex sealer operates on the material's surface.

  • Granite
  • Carrara
  • Thassos
  • Trani
  • Botticino
  • Marfil
  • Marble

Directions for Use

To use Hydrex 250 ML polished stone sealer, simply follow these steps closely:

  1. Clean and completely dry the surface to be treated.
  2. Test Hydrex on an inconspicuous part of the stone or on a piece of scrap from the slab you are treating.
  3. Evenly spread Hydrex polished stone sealer on the surface using a clean sponge or cloth until the stone no longer absorbs the liquid.
  4. Buff the surface immediately using a clean cloth.
  5. Be sure to remove any excess Hydrex sealer from the stone's surface to avoid creating a superficial sticky residue on the stone's surface.
  6. Wait 10-15 minutes and repeat steps 3-5.
  7. If the surface being treated is a floor, allow 24 hours to pass before walking on the surface.


Container Size Approximate Coverage Area
250 ML 53-81 Square Feet
1 Liter 215-323 Square Feet
5 Liters 1,075-1,615 Square Feet
55 Liters 11,825-17,765 Square Feet
200 Liters 43,000-64,600 Square Feet


250 ML Hydrex polished stone sealer freezes at temperatures below 32°. Bring to room temperature to restore original properties of product. This product will last at least 2 years if stored between 64°-77° in the original container.

Important Note

Reseal bottle after each use. Keep product away from heat. Avoid exposing Hydrex to humidity and/or sunlight. Please read the safety data sheet for 250 ML Hydrex polished stone sealer before using this product.

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