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Suction Cup Assembly

Suction Cup Assembly

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Product Code: SET080040


Countertop Transport Suction Cup Assembly

Transporting countertop slabs in a long sheet with sink cutouts can be a precarious situation. Bending, flexing or even twisting the stone sheet can result in costly breakage that causes the project to be delayed, held up, or even canceled. This suction cup assembly is the equipment that has been designed to aid with overcoming this specific challenge.

This suction cup assembly is equipped with two 7' rails that become the straight edge support for the slab. These bars are fastened to the slab using 12 double cup suction systems. The double suction cups attache to the rails and grip the slab in various points all over the stone's surface. This mechanism not only supports your countertop surface, but protects it.

About The Rails

Both of the 7' aluminum rails are capped to protect the stone from inadvertently being scratched, chipped or nicked by the rails during the fastening of the assembly system.

Double Suction Cups

Each of the 12 double suction cups is designed to play a role in the support of the stone by holding strongly to the stone and being fastened to the rail. Special aluminum profiles allow the safe placement of the suction cups, which are individually adjustable. Each double suction cup has a special lever system underneath the handle that securely locks the cup pair into the special made "lip" of the bar. This allows each double suction cup to lock onto the bar for maximum support strength of each bar. Additionally you can move all cups on each bar at one time for faster transport and assembly.

This suction cup counter top support system is truly the best way to transport granite counter tops into the home without breaking.

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