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V 4cm pos 1 Replacement Seg V 4cm Pos 1 set of 16

V 4cm pos 1 Replacement Seg V 4cm Pos 1 set of 16

List Price: $652.94

Product Code: 8070

OMA Replacement Segments is a brilliant design and concept for Position 1 Router bits.
OMA Pos 1 bits are produced with solid brass. This costs more than the cheap metals. But there is a great reason behind it. OMA pos 1 brass bits are designed to last for many years.
Oma produces the Position 1 replacement segment kits. These replacements come with the original diamond segments that come with the bit. It also comes with replacement washers, bolts, and the bearing. Simply unscrew the segments away from the brass and install the complete new replacement segments. Now you have a brand new bit at 40% of the original cost and equal to the cheaper router bits on the market, but receiving premium quality.
Center Water Feed: Oma bits offer center water feed so that there is always continuous water on the bits to guarantee no accidental "dry cut" and affecting the bit or the stone.
NO Thermic Stress: OMA bits do not receive thermic stress from the welding process, as other position 1 bits have to go through. This guarantees very long life, even wear, and a very smooth finish.
Smooth Finish: Although segmented, OMA pos 1 bits will always leave the stone smooth, chip free, and ready for pos 2 profile bits or hand polishing. When you watch the video of these bits work, you really see how well these perform.
30%-50% savings: Due to the quality and longevity of these position 1 bits, you will find a savings between 30%-50% over a 1 year period compared to the current smaller diameter cont rim bits that are on the market now.
Pure quality: Oma Bits are produced in Italy, by OMA, with OMA controlling 100% of the quality of production. This Guarantees that every bit will meet the standards that OMA routers need to be at 100% optimum performance. No outside third party to meet OMA standards.

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