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14" White Lion Quartzite Blade

14" White Lion Quartzite Blade

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14" White Lion Quartzite Blade

14" x 20mm x 60mm White Lion diamond bridge saw blade for quartzite, granite, engineered stone

This White Lion Bridge Saw blade is designed for cutting hard stone materials like quartzite. It works well for cutting natural granite and engineered stone slabs too.

White Lion bridge saw blades are considered by many to be the best quartzite bridge saw blades. This blade cuts 3cm quartzite in 1 pass and 2cm quartziteon a 45° miter in 3 passes.

Cuts More Than Quartzite

Even though we market the 14" White Lion blade as a quartzite bridge saw blade, it is not just for quartzite. The 14" White Lion blade is one blade for all granite, engineered stone, and quartz surfaces.

The White Lion Blade has gained a reputation for how well it performs on quartzite slabs. Yet it also cuts the stones previously mentioned and will even cut softer stone such as marble and other calcareous stone. As a matter of fact, you could even switch over to White Lion blades and use them for every material in your shop.

14" White Lion Features

The features of the 14" White Lion quartzite blade are what make it such a great blade for cutting quartzite and many other stone slabs in the fabrication shop.

Silent Core is German Designed

The 14" White Lion features German silent core steel so it runs smooth and is very quiet. The Weha White Lion diamond bridge saw blade is the best diamond blade for cutting quartzite stone. German silent cores are the most widely used and respected core in the world. This core runs quiet, smooth, and doesn't fatigue or deflect during cuts. Silent cores are strong! Though a little louder than other silent cores but worth it since it cuts quartzite on a miter without deflection.

High Speed Cutting

The 14" White Lion is equipped with Arrix (array) diamond layered technology so it cuts at a high speed consistently. It fact, it will even cut on constant high speed. And it offers outstanding life for a 20mm diamond bridge saw blade. Its patented diamond segment design increases cutting speed by 35%.

Using the ARIX matrix diamond technology with the segment design to remove slurry and "bite" the stone, we have achieved a fast cut of 10-15 ft per minute with exceptional life in Granite and Engineered stone. It is always best to watch the amps on the saw to see the best cutting speed when cutting quartzite.

20mm when cutting quartzite material either on straight or miter cuts seems to be the optimal height. This allows the maximum cutting life of the quartzite blade without the inherent risks of breaking 25mm segments, jamming 25mm segments into tables, etc.

Chip-free Cuts

The White Lion 14" bridge saw blade features a diamond segment design that will not chip the stone as it cuts. Chip-free cutting is imperative when you are fabricating natural stone like quartzite.

At A Glance:

  • 14" x 20mm Height Segment
  • 60mm Arbor
  • German Silent Core
  • Arrix Diamond Layered
  • Patented Diamond Segment Design
Speed Settings for Various Materials
Material Bridge Saws CNC Sawjets
Quartzite 1,750 rpm: 40"-60" Per Minute* 1.650 rpm: 40"-50" Per Minute*
Granite 1,750 rpm: 60"-120" Per Minute* 1,650 rpm: 60"-120" Per Minute*
Quartz 1,750 rpm: 60"-120" Per Minute* 1,650 rpm: 60"-120" Per Minute*
* Individual slabs vary in hardness and density. As a result, these speed measurements may vary, depending on the hardness of the slab you are cutting.

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