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Ager 250 ML

Ager 250 ML

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Color Enhancing Sealer 250 ml - Tenax Ager

250 ML Tenax Ager is a stone color enhancer and sealer that is suitable for enhancing all types of stone and agglomerates and is used to obtain a "wet" effect; both for indoor and outdoor application. Is is also suggested for use on surfaces that are flamed, rough, or sanded to obtain a "wet" look.

Enhancing Stone Color

Tenax Ager provides a deep rich color and is excellent for matching the edge of the stone with its polished surface. Additionally, it is outstanding for hiding micro fissures and small scratches commonly found in a natural stone materials.

Since it is UV Stable and does not change color when exposed to the sun, Tenax Ager Stone can be used in both indoor and outdoor environments alike.

There are other knock-off stone color enhancers on the market. But nothing compares to the longevity and richness of this color enhancing sealer. Other stone darkeners may initially look the same but they will fade quickly and not protect the stone.

So rather than trying to save a couple of dollars and go with an imitation, buy the original and best stone color enhancer; Tenax Ager.

Sealing Natural Stone

Tenax Ager 250 ML is not just an enhancer. 250 ML Tenax Ager is a premium grade, high quality sealer that can last for years and provides protection against staining. It protects natural stone surfaces against oil-based and water-based liquids that stain stone by being absorbed into the pores.

Directions for Application

In order to achieve the best results from this color enhancing stone sealer, please use the following 7 step directions for applying Tenax Ager stone color enhancer and sealer.

  1. This product must be evenly applied on a clean, dry surface.
  2. Spread Tenax Ager evenly with cloth or sponge until the surface no longer absorbs the product.
  3. Immediately buff the treated surface with a clean cloth.
  4. Any excess must be removed immediately after the application.
  5. Allow the surface to dry completely. Drying time is approximately 1 hour.
  6. On floor applications please wait 24 hours before walking on surface.
  7. In about 24 hours after application the surface will repel water.

Product Coverage

250 ML of Tenax Ager Color Enhancer and Sealer treats approximately 40-45 sq. ft.

Important Notes

  1. Reseal can thoroughly after use. Keep away from heat, humidity and sunlight. Please read instructions and safety data sheet before use.
  2. IMPORTANT: When using Tenax Ager Stone Color Enhancer and Sealer for the first time we suggest testing on a small hidden part first.

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