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1 Liter Ager Remover

1 Liter Ager Remover

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Ager Remover 1 Liter

Let's face it, nobody is perfect. And if this fact presents itself when applying color enhancing stone sealers that are made to do a job very well, it can be troubling to say the least.

Ager and Ager Tiger are products that are used for sealing natural stone and enhancing the color of these. They are made to stay on once applied. Because this is true, the following has been said about both of these products:

"The best thing about Ager is: When it goes on, it's on!"

"The worst thing about Ager is: When it goes on, it's on!"

This leads to cases where Ager is inadvertently overapplied and the result is a sticky film that is very difficult to get off of the surface. That is, unless you have this product.

What Ager Remover Does

Ager Remover is designed to remove the excess Ager or Ager Tiger left on the surface by over - application, or by allowing Ager or Ager Tiger to dry on the surface.

Ager Remover remedies that sticky or tacky residue that is left over when too much Ager is applied to a natural stone surface and is not wiped off soon enough. So, when it is hectic or if the application of Ager gets interrupted unexpectedly, causing a deviation from following the instructions precisely, Ager Remover is your go to solution.

Directions for Use

Using Ager Remover to correct overapplication of Ager or Ager Tiger is not complicated. In fact, it is easily accomplished using the following 6 step porcess:

  1. Test the product on a small hidden area of the affected surface first.
  2. Make sure the surface is clean and dry. The presence of water or dust could result in uneven treatment.
  3. Pour Tenax Ager Remover evenly on the surface and allow to stand for 5-10 minutes.
  4. Using a bit of "elbow grease", scrub the stone with a cloth or non abrasive product to keep from damaging the polish.
  5. Using a clean cloth or towel, remove any excess product from the surface from which you are lifting the Ager.
  6. Clean the surface.

Important Notes

  • Reseal can thoroughly after use.
  • Keep away from heat, humidity and sunlight.
  • Shelf life is approximately 2 years in normal conditions.
  • Please read instructions and safety data sheet before use.
  • Please test product on small hidden area first.

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