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Flowing Epoxy Stone Adhesives

Flowing Epoxy Adhesives for Stone

When selecting a flowing epoxy for bonding stone, it is good to know which one will work for the project you are using it in. You can browse flowing epoxy adhesives, or read about the flowing epoxy applications toward the bottom of this page.

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Epoxy Adhesives

Flowing Epoxy Surface Adhesives

Depending on what you are bonding, where you are bonding it, and where the material you are bonding will be after the adhesive has cured, you will choose a glue. The glue that you select should be one that works the best for that situation. The epoxies here provide options for various environments.

StrongEdge Flowing Epoxy

StrongEdge flowing is designed specifically for fabrication and lamination. StrongEdge will not shrink and it takes a polish. This adhesive also accepts color if you need to color match the stone you are using it on. A project using this adhesive will not delaminate or break at the bond point. StrongEdge flowing is great for gluing stone, metal, wood, and other substrates. It can also be used for rodding stone and securing anchor bolts or sink brackets. StrongEdge is VOC compliant.

Micto Flowing Adhesive

Micto flowing is a bonding adhesive for multiple materials that is usable indoors and out. If you need super strong adhesion that is super fast, this VOC compliant epoxy is a great choice. Micto is water clear in color.