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Polyester Extra Transparent Adhesives

Extra Transparent Polyester Stone Adhesives

Extra transparent polyester stone adhesives are used for a variety of applications. Some are used in vertical applications and others are horizontal. You can browse extra transparent polyester adhesives, or read about the polyester extra transparent adhesive applications toward the bottom of this page.

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1 Liter Crystal Knife Grade 1 Liter Crystal Knife Grade

Crystal knife is a high quality polyester mastic used to vertically or horizontally repair and bond and has a very smooth in consistency.

List Price: $35.89

Vertical & Horizontal Extra Transparent Polyester Adhesives

Extra Transparent Polyester Glue

There are times when the bonding of a stone requires a glue that is extra transparent. In other words, the adhesive needs to be as clear as water. These adhesives are referred to as "water clear" adhesives or "extra transparent". Using an extra transparent stone adhesive ensures that the seem will be hidden.

Vertical and Horizontal Applications

Extra clear polyester adhesives are available in multiple consistencies. Flowing adhesives are, as you might be thinking, flowing. So they flow and are great for working on horizontal surfaces. Since they flow, they are "self spreading" to a degree. On level surfaces you can easily distribute flowing adhesives by simply pushing them around on the surface. These adhesives naturally flow outward.

Another consistency of extra clear adhesive that is available is knife grade. Knife grade adhesives are thicker than flowing glues and these require spreading with a tool. Knife grade extra clear polyesters are great for working on vertical applications and horizontal. Since these glues are thicker and need to be spread, they do not flow (or run) when they are used on vertical surfaces.

If you are in need of a glue that is extra transparent, one of these may be just what you are after. And since there are knife grade and flowing options, no matter which orientation of surface you are gluing (horizontal or vertical), you'll find a glue for that job.